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  1. Hi am looking to get this Achievement below i am in UK and have mic on most nights from 7pm to late.If intrested send me message before u add me please. That's a lot of them, and only 4 of us Complete every campaign level with a full team of four players. Also looking to bear Story on HARD mode.Thank you.
  2. Hi i am looking for any co-op player that have the new DLC i am Level 43 i am looking to do Crew Challenges Collectibles,Missions,Achievements,Kill and have fun etcIf you to jump in and help or your hosting a game do invite me or i can invite you.Please send me message to my GT before u add me so i know who you are please.Thank u. P.S im in UK and have mic on most nights.
  3. Hi im trying to find the base of operations so i can FAST TRAVEL back i know there is a camp under a waterfall where u see can other players on line and u have work shops etc.But i cant see it on the map i have also looked under the option where u can view the map and i cant find it on the map i also looked at the top can only see Skills,Loadout out etc.Any help please im stuck.Thank you.
  4. Hi thank you.Why did they put under chapter selection if you not played it before and it's your first time ?
  5. Hi i have this game from the sales and all DLC extra side mission storys but under main menu i cant find or how to start it i only seem to have the option to play the main game Little Nightmares and i see option to continue game.I have looked under options and extra's but nothing there sorry.Any help please ? Thank you.
  6. Hi its 100 percent installed some one else had same issue at TA web site.I went to options etc then did some HDR reset and its now fixed etc.Thank you all for u help.HAPPY X-MASS.
  7. Hi i have down loaded this game from game pass it is all installed when i get to the main menu it is very dark and hard to read the text if i start any mission it is just the same and i dont where to go or what to shoot etc.Any help please how to fix this ? Thank you. P.S all other xbox games are fine and its just this game. Here is link to a photo I took of the screen menu sorry its not clear as the game menu to dark. https://postimg.cc/Mn0SHN71 Here is another picture before the main menu that is not to dark Link below. https://postimg.cc/23jFKZ9Y
  8. Thanks for posting that link to other 7 vids i was gone post them but forgot sorry.Thank u P.S all i will say the guides are very good.
  9. Hid does any have the Achievement ? Classical Pea-anist Play PvZ on Piano ? if yes please can you help get this i can set up private lobby then send u invite.
  10. Hi i am looking for any thats to play story mode missions in co-op as it not have match making.If you would like to join me or maybe i can join your game we can help each other and unlock Achievements etc.Thank you MY GT XSniperNinjaX please send me message or leave reply here below.
  11. Hi any im level 26 or 27 and its very slow to level up.please can with a rank over 30 etc how me level up fast ? i can join your game or you can join mine.Or if anyone just wants to play normal co-op thats good to.Im on planet forget the name SWAMP with mansion on it.Thank you. my GT XSniperNinjaX please send me message on xbox live.
  12. Hi i have just started the game and looking for co-op players to do story help each other get Achievements etc.I am in the UK and have a Mic on most nights also i have Mic.If your hosting i dont mind jumping in your game or u can join me.Please send message if intrested.Thank you. GT XSniperNinjaX
  13. Hi there. A few guides from YouTube. I take no credit for them and do not own them. Thank you. The Blakk Vulture [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDfw__usAIg[/ame] IBadDriverI [ame] [/ame] Achievement Land [ame] [/ame] P.S Take your pick and enjoy HAPPY ACHIEVEMENT HUNTING
  14. ps not playing at the moment as have new games sorry
  15. Hi found this on Youtube i take no credit for video happy Achievement Hunting Blair Witch 100% Achievement Guide Part 1 Link P.S there are more video's i belive so might have to keep checking as he updates them.
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