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  1. Hi im searching for a coop Partner for the campaign on Veteran. Need someone for the Last 5 missions for geting the medal. Gt: tripie x Send me msg
  2. Hi im searching player to do the shadows of evil 4 player EE to get the icon. When u Are interested send me MSG gt: tripie x Must know the Steps!
  3. Monday 9 a.m. Uk Time soe EE attempt. Need 1 or 2 Players to go. Send me Message when u would help or wanna try. Gt: tripie x Thx After That i can help u with other achievements and so on
  4. Can all Zombie achievements be done solo or need More than 2,3,4?
  5. Who wants to boost? Gt: Tripie X Send me Message on live to Finishi stylin
  6. TripIeX


    Hi im searching for stylin achievement Partners. Just Message Gt: tripie x
  7. Add me for Boosting stylin gt: tripie x Send Message before plz
  8. Add me for Boosting i can help u send me Message: Gt: tripie x Lets do it
  9. Wring Case. Delete sorry
  10. Hi guys i Need the Team that Slays.., we will survive and Run the guntlet. I can help u. Add me gt: tripie x Send me Message
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