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  1. Being these are all just hidden secrets I take it that they are pretty easy? Just gotta find them. How is the game over all?
  2. Yes it's working now. I'll have to look and see which setting it changed lol
  3. Ok I kinda figured it out. I looked thru all my personal settings and everything was pretty much open, especially the things that would matter. But I had it set on custom. After changing it to the Adult setting it finally came online and I can now see the Doom ID spot. Pretty lame. Never had to change it before for stuff like this. Anyways thanks for your help guys!
  4. Do not see any option for a Doom ID. When I go to Snapmap and click go online, it tells me- Your gamer profile does not have the correct permissions to access Xbox Love functionality. In the upper right hand corner it says Doom Services Offline. I've checked my personal gamertag settings and all that. Can't figure this out.
  5. I don't think I've done this. Haven't seen it either. We'll have to give it another look later. Thanks guys
  6. I am unable to publish a map. I always get an error message. Also it will not allow me to go online in Snapmap. Even though I have Gold and the MP achievements. Is it possible that me not having Gold when I first started Doom that it registers me as not having it. Though it allows me on mp.
  7. I'd say it's not broken. Many people are able to get all the skill points. I'm not sure what's happening with people not having enough. My last skill points I needed came from the side missions-the orange ones. Idk if people aren't checking these or if something is messing up but I had no problems.
  8. I've noticed if a body goes out of your mini map range then it disappears. It's happened with all sorts of animals and humans to me.
  9. Don't know about the cave but the missing journey is Sayla's. I heard it's a village mission.-An orange mission.
  10. Ha I'll have to find this that's great.
  11. I have only played FC 4 besides this one but IMO Primal is far better. I love this one. FC 4 is pathetic in comparison.
  12. For the 100 kills or 10 kills etc etc, are they only on "humans" or do animals count? It just says enemies.
  13. Thanks for the video. I was able to find a striped wolf at the first spot you showed. I appreciate it, thanks again.
  14. When I first started the 1st achievement took awhile to unlock. But I have had no other issues since then.
  15. Only thing that's changed on him that I'm aware of is he has white paint/tattoos on his left arm. Which you can see during cut scenes or other times but that's it.
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