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  1. Can this be done? Are you working together aswell?
  2. looking to start the game and do coop. Please send me a message. I have all dlc too
  3. looking for someone to do firefight with for wave 25
  4. looking to boost this game. In for the long haul and very flexible
  5. looking to boot the online. Online alot drop me a message if interested
  6. Looking to boost the online in this. Drop me a message, in online alot.
  7. Same questions as you, thanks for this.
  8. Does any one have a photo or can describe the turbocharge upgrade? I have 20 decals, pretty sure all golds and i can visible see all upgrades apart from the turbo charge. So im thinking i may be missing it/glitched so need to do episode 1 again.
  9. Im having a similar issue and monkey wrench isnt unlocking. What a glitch fest.
  10. What makes it worse, its not even a easy 1k anymore as all achievements are unobtainable since Mays update...
  11. wouldnt be happy if they started to repeat games for us. So many games they could give instead of a repeat. Seems fake
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