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  1. Anyone want too boost online achievemnts send me a message Gamertag: Justt For Kicks
  2. Anyone up for doing the Survive 30 consecutive waves in arena with a co-op partner message me. Also willing to get other achievements if interested Gamertag: Justt for Kicks
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies, glad to know I'm able to use it on my phone just have to wait for it too come in now.
  4. Looking to boost all Multiplayer achievements have another person ready to go Gamer tag Justt For Kicks
  5. Anyone want to Play/boost the multiplayer achievements Gamertag: Justt For Kicks Just give me a message(:
  6. Hey Everyone I'm new to this website and Sorry if this question is in the wrong section or has been asked already(tried looking for it) Just want to know if this Website is Mobile friendly or has an app as I don't always have access to a computer
  7. Best Thread ever! Gamertag: Justt For Kicks ^^ <--Two T's I'll Follow back everyone(:
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