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  1. Mr Allen

    Ted 2

    The first one is on Channel 4 in the UK this Saturday night ay 9 PM if anyone's interested (it's got to be on post-watershed, it's got naughty words in it )
  2. That's more than WWE ever does, we're lucky if WWE.com is updated more than 3 times a week. Also, I wanted to mention, did anyone see the Big Show against Ryback match on Raw last night? I watched it recorded from last night and was like, what the hell? I hate The Miz. And because it was in Chicago, I half expected CM Punk chants all night, but I've only watched the first hour so far and haven't heard any (yet).
  3. Topic. And will I have to buy a microphone or can I use the one I bought on Amazon just after Christmas 2013 for Lego Rock Band and RB 3 on the 360 or can we use the Kinect microphone to sing?
  4. Up to about a month or so back, I was contemplating selling all my Xbox 360 games. but I stopped because used 360 games are hardly worth anything except on eBay where you can set your own price (and even then you don't really expect a fortune) and I'm waiting to see if the few games I've got become backward compatible on the One.
  5. Terminator: Genisys 6.5/10 (and that's being rather generous) Not worth the extra 6 quid for IMAX IMO, Terminator 2 was loads better. Arnold Schwarzenneger needs to retire, he's slightly older than my Dad at 67 and he looks it as well.
  6. Well I did basically sell a lot of my 360 games before I found our about the backward compatibility thing. I'm holding off on that for now though to see if they add the games I've got left to the BC list.
  7. Above. Note the spelling Also, I reported your spam post in the Books section. Don't worry though, I am 99% sure the Mods won't do anything.
  8. Drat, oh well, looks like I need to scour eBay for a cheap One controller then, or save up and buy one from Game.
  9. Topic. I need a new controller for 2 player games, I have 3 360 wireless controllers, can I use one of them on the One? Or aren't they compatible? Please don't just tell me to Google or post LMGTFY.com links.
  10. Yeah thanks, but contrary to popular belief, I'm not daft, and I've been using eBay for years.
  11. topic. there's a few games coming out in the next few months that I want, and because of the good exchange rate, I'm thinking it might work out cheaper to import from Amazon.com in the US than oay UK prices for the games. I do realise though that if I did that I'd probably get stung on import duties so is it even worth it?
  12. I hear the Network exclusive special event from Japan was good. Might look it up next week.
  13. Thanks for the tip, I currently have a bid going on eBay for a boxed controller £26, and unless I get outbid on the next 2 and half hours, I look like winning.
  14. Won't happen, Donkey Kong in general is a Nintendo trademark. Same issue as GoldenEye, it was a Rare game, but Nintendo released it on the old N64 console, so to all intents and purposes it's their game.
  15. Why are the official Xbox One wireless controllers so expensive? wireless controllers on the 360 are still only about £25-35 new, yet I was on the Argos website this morning, for an official MS controller they want £44.95! What the chuff?
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