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  1. I have NTSC J copies of Beautiful katamari, cyber troopers virtual on force, dreamcast collection and Saw 2, all brand new and sealed NTSC J Gears of war judgement not new and a copy of manhunt for original xbox. Would anyone be interested in any of these?
  2. I have all the achievements on the XBOX ONE. If i transfer my profile over to the 360 can anyone confirm what achievements will be unlocked? THanks
  3. Also need help with the castlestorm acheivements. THanks
  4. I have been playing this game for about a week now and I have never been able to play online. Everytime I try it just says "ALERT: the rockstar game services are unavailable right now. Please return to Grand Theft Auto 5. How can i get it to work?
  5. If i met the person who made the boss fights for this game I would punch him in the face
  6. I get the same problem. Does anyone know why the glitch wont give the moonstones?
  7. Would like help with the Raid bosses for the main campaign and all the season pass dlc. Level 51 assassin. Thanks
  8. Well that is confusing. How am i supposed to know which version i have? I thought NTSC-J was all the same.
  9. The case says NTSC-J and the disc says NTSC-J on it. If this isnt the japanese version than what it?
  10. Why is civilization on this list? I have the NTSC J version and it isnt stacking with the PAL version
  11. Why is civilization on this list? I have an NTSC J copy and it isnt stacking with the PAL version?
  12. Over 700 views, come on guys, throw me a bone here...
  13. A-Train HX and Pixars Brave could go in the 10 -15 hour section. I was able to do A-train in a day and then some AFK simming, and completed brave in 2 sessions over 2 days
  14. Yes i use TA. For old games there is often no sessions up so i have to create my own. What usually happens with games that requires 4 gamers or more is i will get 4 people to sign up for a session, then when the time comes only 2 will turn up and we will sit in the lobby for half an hour waiting for a no show, or someone will be late, then we will get maybe 10 mins worth of gaming done and then someone bails.... happens all the time. I dont see why this is such a hard concept for people to grasp, am I the only person in the world that gets fucked around by other gamers while tryng to boost?
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