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  1. I was thinking of picking this up. How active is the multiplayer and is there a learning curve?
  2. 1) What am I going for ? just a cool person to pair up with and have fun. older players preferred like after 20's or so. i am 39 years old so i dont play with children. 2) Where am I located ? I am new jersey. eastern time zone. 3) At what time will I be available ? it really varies but i am not on that much on the weekends. mostly weekdays and some nights 4) What kind of gamer am I ? i am a laid back casual gamer. i play to have fun and i am somewhat shy at first but i can be talkative once i know you. 5) Did I play Raid Mode on Revelations 1 ? yes. i played mostly by myself. didnt have anybody to play with.
  3. looking to do the online achs and some casual friends to play with.
  4. i saw this on the official website: if you figure this http://theevilwithin.com/en-us/achievements out you get a wallpaper and the list of achievements for the game which are these http://cdnstatic.bethsoft.com/theevilwithin/img/achievements/allachievements_v2.pdf
  5. i just bought the game today so i will need so peeps to play with. hit me up: FP x SNUBKILLER edit: i am on the 360
  6. kgould01


    i got mine on friday. walmart shipped to me early
  7. preordered the limited edition today. cant wait.
  8. i read somewhere that there are 17 cassette tapes. some are actually very hard to find.
  9. i am buying it for the 360 and ps3. i already paid them off. i dont mind it being short but i will most likely find a way to keep it longer.
  10. i need all the multiplayer achievements. hit me up if you can help. thanks. FP x SNUBKILLER
  11. kgould01


    who is excited for this game? i just preordered the limited edition. the game looks really good and its the next game on my list. so i have splinter cell blacklist and the last of us to keep me busy until then.
  12. i am getting the limited edition for the 360 in north america. i collect steelbooks, figures and artbooks.
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