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  1. Thank you kindly for the tips sir!
  2. True, but not on the site If you don't go for the collectibles, I would guess around 10 hours? I read all of them, and after my first playthrough the counter was above 20 hours. But I did take my time.
  3. Sup! I've been playing QB since April first and I think this is a very good game. This game relies a lot on it's story mode, and the plot twists and suprises it brings you. So, for your pleasure, my tips on how to best enjoy Quantum Break: - Play it on Normal, for a decent and fun challenge. - The game has Acts and Parts. These acts took me, including collectibles and being a fanboy, about 30-120 minutes each. - The Live Action Parts are about 20-30 minutes each. I would advise, if you can't bingeplay this, to play one act at a time. If you need to quit early, quit after a Part, not during one. The Live action parts summarize what happened last time. - Try reading all collectibles, they enhance the plot. - Don't check out the Achievements beforehand. They spoil the plot. - Buy a big screen TV and play in the dark. Soo, that's kind of it. Have fun, I know I did And once you're done: - Replay the game, on hard, with different ingame choices
  4. I like that they leaked it, even though the NDR clearly stated a number of things people were not allowed to leak. And since the only way to leak this kind of information is via someone who has a review copy... ah well, one less french site to worry about
  5. Buddies, Buddettes, Question: Can anyone confirm that you can restart / reset Tombs to get the collectibles you might miss there? For example in the Cistern Caverns you have to rise water to finish the tomb. However, in that area there are many collectibles that, if not picked up, are under water after finishing the tomb. Or does anyone know a way to actually dive down to those collectibles? I know about backtracking being possible, but that's not the same. Cheers, Bas
  6. Hmm. Crap. and I can't select that from the title screen! Also can't disconnect my xbox, since this is my second xbox. Well ill give it a few days, don't hope my save is corrupted.
  7. I have an Infinite loading screen after starting up the game this morning. I was at my Home Base last night. Anyone else has this issue? Fixxes? Google says no.
  8. Agreed. Well lucky you: The game ends the kill streak challenge @ 15 kills
  9. Just as the Title says, The challenges where you have to kill a specific amount of people without getting hit are doable in Cars. Not entirely sure how yet, but I received the 9 and the 12 one whilst in a car. Just Saiyan... Cheers. -- Edit: Did some more testing, but taking down 15 cars and killing the drivers hand-to-hand does not get you the challenge. Weird... -- Edit: And now I suddenly got it whilst pulling off a tire with the harpoon...
  10. Even though you solved it: Yes, you can.
  11. Decent guide buddy. Gonna read through it a bit more, but I just wanted to add that I find 50 hours a really, really low estimate. Elite statussing 12 hunters and 3 monsters is gonna take you way more. 10-20 minutes a match, you need a hell of a lot of matches, even with boosting. Also, Most of the cheevo's, like the 2:05 minute one, are easily boostable with 1 friend. Just Sayan.
  12. I know the xbox achievement system usually tries to add towards a counter, no clue how the PS4 one is built. But yes, I started a completely new character.
  13. I remembered that it worked for Peggle, so I tried both the collectibles (which worked) and the quests (which sadly didn't). So at least we can all get to 900G before the Patch comes out.
  14. If your "It's All In the Writing" is stuck at 90-99% just start another game and collect some new collectables. They will add to the counter!
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