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    I'm a pretty laid back person. Very friendly. Talk to me if you desire. Feel free to add me on FB.
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    Gaming, Painting, Drawing, Working (yes! I love my job!). Sleeping. Eating (which is why I'm chubby)

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  1. Hi batteredcakes!


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  2. I thought I replied back to this! Weird lol sorry I took a long hiatus again! It got destroyed by my bf's brother. I was at my mom's and I guess my bf's brother came over drunk and started to try to fight my bf so my bf locked him out of our place. He got mad and tore apart my wreath which was hanging on our door....I was pretty pissed, that wreath was so messed up, in many many pieces. He's never supposed to ever come up here, especially drunk. UGH! I'll definitely give Room 237 a try! I love stuff like that so thanks for the recommendation!
  3. Thanks so much! If you do, post a pic!! Thanks so much! I love the Martha Stewart one because it's different and I love the different fabrics used, especially the silky ones and I love the colors! My favorite wreath is the spring one though, the green one. Love all of the colors and brightness!! I may have to remake it sometime. It was destroyed. I'd love to the documentary! It sounds so cool!!
  4. I've found times when I've felt like that and haven't been active! I'm back for a bit. Way less busy in my life at the moment. Definitely try to talk about anything! I second that! Seriously! I was good for a few weeks but then it died off a couple of weeks ago when I got majorly busy!!
  5. So I've recently been interested and love making wreaths for my door! So far, I've made a few just for seasons or holidays. Here they are. I started with the winter wreath that I got from Martha Stewart. The rest were just wreaths I came up with on my own. [spoiler=11] [spoiler=12] [spoiler=13] [spoiler=14]
  6. Lol!! Seriously was a horrible procrastinator! Even though I knew it would be good to at least get started, I still waited until the last minute lol even studying! The longer I went to school, the more I started to procrastinate! Started studying for tests right before I had to take it! Lol yeah definitely different for you! lol!! Well I had my tuition paid for, I did have to pay for my books and anything else but tuition was taken care of by my employer. I also lived on my own so definitely needed to work and I liked to not struggle so bad so I worked full-time. They allowed me to work part-time with the option to do full-time hours. It got easier after a couple of years when they allowed me to work at home for a couple of days though!
  7. Ah so true! lol!! I just thought the decisions were dumber than usual!! Almost like n00b decisions were being made! lol Never got into Game of Thrones so I will have to find something else to watch now! I've always watched it on my DVR anyways, so I never tuned in on time. I just got way busier at work so I guess that will take up a lot of my time. I feel like with all of the hours I put in, nothing ever really gets done like I plan. Oh well now I have this time to focus on work and not TWD lol But I won't set my mind on someone actually dying, or at least stressing over it or anything like that. What happens, happens but I think anything can happen. Someone can die or someone can get rescued in the nick of time before a fatal blow. Guess like you said, we'll see....in six months lol I'm glad they don't wait a whole year like a few other shows do that I love. But yeah, I figured anything can happen. They can either kill a major character or have them get saved right before the killer hit. I wouldn't be surprised either way, maybe Morgan and those new guys they met will help them out. Expect anything and everything lol I'm definitely expecting anything. They've pulled some stuff on us before and I wouldn't be surprised if they did it this time. Make us think one thing but comes out to be a whole other thing.
  8. I think you're the one that told me I really needed to watch it!! I finally watched it thoroughly in one go about a year or so ago! Before that, I've always just watched the middle to the end but never ever the beginning.
  9. Lol!! Well without working and going to school at the same time, I have so much more free time!! Although now I'm so much busier at work and will be for the next month, no exaggeration. I have so much work planned for the next few weeks, it's crazy. And hopefully after that, it chills down a bit but who knows...lol I love breaks! Too bad in college, it means catching up on work or studying lol Although it meant that for me, I'm a procrastinator and didn't go anywhere for Spring Break.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. I wonder who it'll be...someone posted a video slowing down the audio and it sounded like everyone yelled out Glenn though. But my other thought is that, if it is Glenn who gets beat, will he die from it or just get beaten really bad and recover later? Guess we'll see. The cliffhanger was good enough to keep watching but not great enough to feel like I need to be super obsessed about it like other season finales. The last two episodes were...not up to par in my opinion though. A lot of dumb decisions and such.
  11. Ah yeah, sorry about that! I usually keep everything pretty private, at least just show things to friends rather than the public lol And glad you enjoyed the pics! It was a weird movie! I think the weirdest though was Inside!! The Shining was an immediate favorite! I love it when a movie can scare you or really immerse you in creepiness without just jump scares!
  12. Ah I'm excited fro you!! I left because of college! lol You seem to be the other way around.
  13. Ah I had the album on "Friends Only" lol I changed it to public now!! I don't know of any safe way to speed up the time, it takes a long time for the oils in the paint to dry up or evaporate or whatever it does lol But if you dry ti too fast, it starts to actually crack. I've just learned to stick with acrylic lol I mean at least until I feel like painting with oils but I will now keep in mind that it will take half a year to dry. So I guess I can do an oil painting and then after a couple of months, do another and wait for the other one to dry. But yeah...it all depends on my mood lol Asian horror movie is amazing, but some, not all...just like American ol but Asian horror movies usually has better plots and emotions than American movies. I remember High Tension, Inside, and Let the Right One In for the European movies. I also remember I loved REC from Mexico? Could be wrong, maybe it's Spain...I'm thinking it's Spain now that I think back. And Naina...which may be Mexican....ah...I need to look them up lol Also heard Matyrs is a good European horror movie, I keep forgetting to watch it. Dead Snow is a great horror comedy!! Should definitely try that one! Omg The Shining!! My favorite!! I don't know how I forgot that one!! It was truly creepy!! It really gets in your head. Maybe because it's so long lol that you just feel like you're so encased in the movie!
  14. Omg yes, and the fact it wasn't even just the eye either! Those movies are crazy lol I never looked at life or anything the same again! Well I hope you are able to move there when you can!!
  15. Ah ok! I won't be able to play Thursday but can play Wednesday for sure and tomorrow!! I'll be gone from Friday-Mon!! Big hugs!! I will wait for you replies!! :D :D

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