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  1. hey monk - they had a quick spoof of the Bioshock cover when Matt was explaining his selling out process, how he was making games in every genre etc. have to revise my comments on this game - gave up on it during the tentacle boss battle. it was just a chore and annoying, i always wonder what game designers are thinking to themselves when they play test stuff like that. They really think people enjoy the tedium? idiots.
  2. this is definitely not the worst game of the year. it's not that bad at all. the humor is quite good, and it's true you need to be an older gamer to get the 8 bit and 16 bit references. But also some new games get spoofed - i laughed out loud when the Bioshock joke came up. As for the achievements, will intentionally avoid the 60GS one for watching the credits. Check my account if you don't believe me! Getting five points for pausing the game was enough of an insult. Yeah, i got it, they're making fun of the entire achievement thing - very funny!
  3. thanks for the feedback and for avoiding the spoilers. seems there's some really ridiculous achieves that MS should have stopped during certification...like 60G for watching the credits? won't even bother with that one!
  4. just ordered it and hoping it'll be ok...appreciate the comment from Baryonyx regarding being an older gamer...have been in the hobby for 30 years and so hoping the jokes will make me chuckle.
  5. in that case i would call it a glitch - that's really annoying.
  6. Does this achievement work? Have done it twice and nothing unlocks. Any idea what the requirements are? thanks. EDIT: ok, just noticed the guide and learned you need to do it ten times...sorry for being dense.
  7. this isn't a glitch per se, but part of the Arkanoid physics engine. In the arcade original the ball getting stuck somewhere was always a possibility.
  8. yes, thought episodes 3-4 would unlock when i finished 2, then it dawned on me it ain't happening and they just want more money. really annoying, as 800 points is already too much for what until a year ago would have been a 400 point coin op classic. not sure what MS is doing, but they sure aren't in step with the economy.
  9. not meaning to be negative or anything, but why do a lot of these designers from Japan have to be so difficult? i got this game for the fun factor and for the "inspiration", but achieves would have been nice...as it stands i'll prob only get the 30 points out of it! they really screwed it up with these optional achievements taking up most of the points. otherwise not a terrbile game, kinda reminds me of Bulletwitch, which was a lot of fun.
  10. agree that games should have save-anywhere. i think the PC version back in 2004 also had checkpoints and i used to get upset with their choice of save system then too. the OP is 100% right. however, i don't agree with comments re the health system, personally am tired of magically regenerating health, even if it doesn't make a huge difference. and where's the achievement list? not meaning a guide, just the list. it's not on the main page, is it?
  11. guys, thanks a lot for explaining how to progress in the main quest for the DLC. i'll just get on that sub and come back each time. Strange they did it like that though, why not let you just stay on the island the whole time until it's finished.
  12. already did the main story - still no progress on Knothole beyond the first weather task. what gives? is there a time delay? i think someone else mentioned this earlier. thanks for any feedback.
  13. indeed, what's with the main quest here in Knothole? completed the first task, but then no one's asking me to do anything else. did anyone figure it out?
  14. awesome guide, many thanks for putting it together.
  15. get BLACK while you're at it...wish they retro-fitted chieves on the Originals.
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