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  1. You can play the game offline. You dont need to buy extra copies?
  2. Sorry I am a little confused on what youre trying to say. The DLC Comrades multiplayer is now impossible to get trophies and achievements unless you revert back to an old patch, but that means you must play offline. So technically you can get the trophies still but you have to trick the system and play offline which is unfair. When I emailed and called they said they were aware of the situation and are trying to work on a fix. So honestly, I would just send an email/call and wait 6 months to see if anything happens.
  3. This may all be for naught but I figured it's worth the effort since it only takes 5 minutes! This is regarding how we can no longer get achievements/trophies for the multiplayer DLC for FF XV. I think square enix should fix this and they very well can especially if we all take 5 minutes to do this. Even if you have all the trophies, or dont care about trophies would be appreciated if you did this as well. I made it super easy and typed out a response that should get their attention (with help from someone on another site). Just click on the link below and type in (or copy and paste) the information that follows. You will have to click next two times then click proceed to email support. If you really want you can also call them (I did all 3) and online chat with them in addition to emailing them. Phone number:1 (858) 790-7529 link: https://support.na.square-enix.com/contact.php?id=14961&la=1 Contact Category: Technical Support Contact Sub-category: Other Summary of your inquiry: Unobtainable Trophies/Achievements "It is possible for those who played FINAL FANTASY XV MULTIPLAYER EXPANSION: COMRADES (the DLC for FFXV) to transfer their save game to the FINAL FANTASY XV MULTIPLAYER: COMRADES (standalone) and continue with their character, inventory and game progress with achievements/trophies auto-popping when you start. Therefore, similar functionality could be patched into FINAL FANTASY XV MULTIPLAYER EXPANSION: COMRADES (the DLC for FFXV) menu to import a FINAL FANTASY XV MULTIPLAYER: COMRADES (standalone) game save back into FFXV and auto-pop the Comrades specific achievements/trophies you can no longer get in FINAL FANTASY XV MULTIPLAYER EXPANSION: COMRADES (the DLC for FFXV), providing you have met the requirements and unlocked them in FINAL FANTASY XV MULTIPLAYER: COMRADES (standalone). This will allow gamers to still get a full completion in FINAL FANTASY XV. It is unfair that people who bought the game after or right before the changed happened as they can now never get full completion until you guys make the change. Please think of the people who supported your game and continue to do so! Sincerely, Everyone!"
  4. I play ps4 but thought I would share my post on this site as well to help anyone who decides to start the game. https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/attack-on-titan-2-a/335299-google-sheet-checklist-gallery-trophy-field-equipment-only.html
  5. Hey man. It has been a long time since I played this game, but I believe you are right when you say there is only 280 worth of gamerscore available. The writer probably added the HUT achievements in the offline section because he was unaware that they would not be achievable when the servers shut down. Just my guess. Sorry man
  6. So I have a couple questions but first introduction! I have a bunch of movies on my computer. We will use Kill Bill for example. It has Non English parts so I have to use a subtitle file while playing the movie file so the subtitles are playing with the movie. I want to learn how to hard code those subtitles on the movie. I am currently using the program Yamb (I can download another program) but am having difficulties combining the files. So my questions: -How do I combine the two files? (What program as well) -If the subtitles are off sync, then how do I move all the times of the subtitles to match with the movie (what program would I use)? -What is a good site etc that offers NON ENGLISH part subtitles? I always find subtitles for the whole movie, and all title downloads dont specify. Thank you for reading this, and any help/advice you offer.
  7. That is good to know, thanks for the info. This way I wont go too high cause im waiting for my friend to start the game who is also new. I am level 15 or something. I can easily level up tho, or so it seems easy enough for the first bit.
  8. Hey I am completely new to this game (got it from free download). So far this game seems brilliant. I was wondering if there was anyone who might want to show me around and perhaps give me a few things. Id appreciate it so much. Any class works, I just started out as a cleric but I can change classes if u guys need me to pick up items. GT: Armoured Brecce Anyways thanks to anyone who might help!
  9. I forgot to mention it only started several days ago. Before that it was fine, and I have been playing with a wireless connection for years.
  10. Thanks everyone, I will see if I can fix my router or use wired. Just to let everyone know I have no problem with my computer disconnecting, but that is wired. Thanks guys
  11. First of all, I have looked up this problem but only answer I have seen is deleting profile and clearing cache which I have tried. My problem is whenever I am playing a game or I am on netflix I randomly get disconnected from xbox live. I can instantly reconnect to xbox live if I choose to, and if I dashboard I automatically sign back into xbox live sometimes. This is really frustrating because I always watch netflix with my girl and it disconnects several times when watching a show or movie and I have to exit netflix and re-enter to get it working again. And even more frustrating when playing online such as GTA, where it wont save my progress until my last save, and kicks me back into singleplayer. Does ANYONE have any solutions, or advice. Microsoft is killing me. And some side information, my account had some problems a month or two ago where I was getting an error code when trying to sign online, and couldnt connect to xbox live, EVEN though I tested my connection. Thanks x360a users and community for any help. Edit: I forgot to mention it only started several days ago. Before that it was fine, and I have been playing with a wireless connection for years.
  12. So you're telling me its my fault? I had to switch to a different country, on the third day it was out for it to finally work, cause it didn't work the first two days. Yep, you know what you're talking about. Ahahah it worked! I tried last night but it didn't work. Tried again just now and it is downloading!
  13. I tried that, but wouldnt hurt to try again. Thanks paint. Been a while since we played bf3 together if you remember lol.
  14. You're just a douche aren't you? I haven't seen any constructive comments from you. People have a right to complain. Whether they are right or wrong, they can complain. And for good reason. Sure they don't understand how to make games and such but even so rockstar did Fuck up. People like to vent, that's what people do. But you, you're whining and bitching even MORE than them! You're just being a hypocrite. At least they are complaining for a good reason. But you, you're not even complaining, you're just bitching. So chill out and stop being a dick, and ironically enough, a cry baby
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