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    Do we know if this will include an online co-op season like many of the older ones? Thats always been great fun!
  2. The last game got to physics down perfectly. Now this promises a great career and a lot more to do! Im so excited! Achievements were incredibally lazy in the last one, heres hoping theyve sorted that out! Bring it on!
  3. So I loved the original game! Full 1000g and was very much looking forward to this DLC. It is repetitive, dull and incredibally boring. I wanted some more story added to the game, Creative achievements, new stuff. This is just endless grinding. Annoyed that Ive wasted money on this but so glad to have not bought the season pass. Thats me done with this game. Rant over.
  4. Makes sense though surely. Whats stopping someone simply replacing a working console near the end of its year cover just to simply get a fresh machine? Or depending on the fault an issue with customers router/online account? Theyll also accept video evidence of it failing if its a rare or random issue.
  5. This service has been available for sometime at GAME. It's well worth having! Wish it was available when I originally got my console... my day one controller is kaput.
  6. The Division. First 1000g in ages!! Kinda went off gaming for about 6/7 months. This was such a great game.. although the darkzone was a drag.
  7. Damn this is hard! I'm getting second most stages but there's no way in hell will I beat 1st place. (Germany seems easier so far) the time splits get right on my tits though. They put up obscuring your view... who's daft idea was that? Great game though... just a touch too hard
  8. The new F1 game... I was proper excited for it but after hearing negative reviews I didnt bother... Well the racing fan in me pushed me to get it the other day and I have to say Im glad I did. It sucks a little that you cant be a new racer moving up the ranks... I miss starting in a low team and battling my way to the top over a number of seasons but the champion mode is still great fun and Pro mode is going to be one hell of a challenge. The actual handling is amazing and probably the best ive ever experienced in any racing game. If your on the fence Id recommend giving it a go.
  9. Great news, the current system and xp required is silly
  10. If tier 4 unlocks after 15,000 points in one life then something's up. I've done it 3 times (twice I quit out after 20,000points) the other one I stayed till the end. Yet my counter hasn't moved?! Help?
  11. Thankyou, didn't know if it was only kills that added to your weapon class levels. Shall start playing blood money. much appreciated
  12. I've played on enforcer class for hours upon hours. How long does it take to get gold star level one? 25 kills with this stupid shotgun and I'm done but I feel like this will take forever. Currently have 159,086 in enforcer. Any tips?
  13. Also my game is only 18.1gb. Does that mean it hasn't the patch and if so how do I force that?
  14. Losing patience with this game. Handling is awful. Karts are one hell of a struggle and touring cars... The one you get over steers like a bitch. Completely unrealistically.
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