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  1. Hey guys so I know when games get delisted you can re-download them, so i want to make some space BUT as I know Minecraft story mode can't be re-downloaded is there any more like that for the 360 and the one? Don't want to delete something I can't get back haha
  2. well this happened to me but with Visionary in episode 1, only achievement i need and its LOCKED not even done unlocking do i really have to play it again on another save file just to do it?
  3. has this episode been taking down or something? can find every episode except this one, searched on xbox one AND on xbox.com with no luck, nothing on xbox and on xbox.com and linked websites goes to oops cant find this page and even searching for it dont find it anyone who follows the game have any idea whats going on?
  4. so a quick update i did redownload the gameand have had no freezes ever since but still the same problem of the same maps, boneyard hardly ever comes up even if i stayed for 20 straight maps is there anyway to see what maps ive done so i can just join and quit until i get the maps or sides i need?
  5. this has to be the most stupid achievement ever, can get the magus easy enough but for him to even damage 1 person is total crap, cant get close enough because they just melee me away or the magus dont shoot and the one that explodes i dont think ive even seen one of them in all of my time playing xD any advice people can give its my last achievement i need aswell
  6. wow that is really shitty pardon my language, the fun part was finding randoms on halo 4, well guess i wont be playing spartan ops then xD
  7. hope this is ok to ask because myabe im being stupid but i can seem to do spartan ops online co-op, granted this is my first day since boxing day touching the gme maybe im just doing something wrong is there anyway to do it online with randoms?
  8. hey guys been playing the living hell out of this for 5 days now but it seems im only playing the same 4 missions over and over and after so many my game freezes at 1 second until the next match is it worth redownlaoding the game to fix the freeze and also is there a way to get past the same 4 misions, the game is still fun but would be awesome to see the story play out xD
  9. hy guys,so i bought the complete edition from coolshop inputted all my codes including the season pass which states black mask challenge maps and downloaded everything but the black mask challenge wants me topay £1.29 for it even though its in the season pass any ideas why?
  10. so i have the disc and now i want the digital version, is there any files i can delete from my xbox that i wont need now or would i still need everything the game disc installed?
  11. am i the only one who can never get a game started for like 30 minutes, somethings always loading or just sat waiting in a lobby, once im in a game nd stick with those people its all fine but then the cycle starts over again been like this since launch for me,had not played in months and came because of dlc and new update thinking it would be better but nope still forever and by the time i get into a game im so bored and annoyed i dont last long or give a poor performance love this game hate the shitty waiting times sadly, so is it just me or anyone else?
  12. so forgot this game was due out and just checked now and i dont see it anywhere, did this release in the uk and was it 360 or xbox one only?
  13. it certainly depends on what they are and what they do, if its just there for the sake of it then yes its annoying and pointless but if theres a reason then im fine with it playboys in mafia 2 was a-ok with me, the fables in wolf among us is annoying to get them all but has helped me learn who all the fables are, terminals in halo which gives a backstory is a-ok with me stuff like crackdown where theres like 800 orbs to collect yes its annoying but they build your character up and thus means it good to get them also just dont make any missable im looking at the chinpokomon in south stck of truth means i have to collectable hunting in a new playthrough if i ever get round to it
  14. hey guys, so i looked on the main page and saw ep5 coming next week andthought fantastic i can finally play this all the way through and thought i would load it up to make sure i have all the eps installed ready (which i do) and went to look at my achievments and seen that i have achieves for episode 4 at all anyone else have this? or even knows how to fix this?
  15. well i rebought everygun costing around 300k and nope no proud gun owner award grrr talk about frustrating
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