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  1. I usually play as a point guard and in the past 2 years of this game I have gotten tired of the constant turnovers due to psychic defenders. Even below average players seem to have a 6th sense of where the ball is when I'm trying to pass to a teammate, especially in the post. And they don't seem to pay any attention to the guy they're guarding and just watch me when I have the ball and steal it when I try and pass. Is this year any different?
  2. I also would like to finsh a quick run through of the game online. I am available most evenings. Friend me or message me if interested.
  3. I'm also looking to do the three online achievemnets. Message me over xbox liv eif interested.
  4. I stopped going to their site because they ruined it when they "revamped" their site. It's not just you, it takes like 10 minutes to compare games with someone. Makes it a pain in the ass if you wanna boost. xbox.com is pretty useless anyway.
  5. Thanks for the help guys. Apparently the third time visiting it was the charm. The first time the beams wouldn't move up no matter how long I held frostbite down. The 2nd time the buttons were stuck and wouldn't acctivate at all. The final time I used frostbite the beams moved and the buttons worked. Weird huh?
  6. Thanks guys I was worried because the courthouse was destroyed after protocol 10 and I couldn't visit calendar man. I know thats not aside mission but it got me thinking maybe I couldn't finish other stuff too. Thanks again. I suppose I could just visit him on my next run through.
  7. I'm currently experiencing the Mzulft Oculary glitch. It only moves in 2 positions when I heat or cool it no matter how many time I hit the focusing crystal. None of the light beams match up with the green circles on the ceiling. I've been trying this for hours and I can't come up with a solution. Is it glitched or am I just doing something wrong? I read somewhere that you heat it then cool it 3 times and thats supposed to work but it doesn't for me. And I can't figure out where to have the 3 green circles positioned. Am I screwed out of completing the Mages guild?
  8. As the thread states can you complete all the side missions after your first playthrough of the game? I had a hard time finding/triggering them during the story then I realized too late there was a point of no return in the story. The only reason I ask is to try and get Perfect knight 2.0 without having to completely start over.
  9. It's weird, it must have been broken when they released it. It's nowhere to be found. I checked the game itself and the add ons section. It's gone.
  10. That shouldn't happen. The last time I played it I picked up where I left off in Showdown and domination. Now I'm worried though I might have to check it again.
  11. I haven't DL'd this myself but isn't there an option before you start the game where it asks you what content you would like to play? I wish I could help you more but there's no way in hell I'm spending 800 points on DLC for this game. And does anyone know the new achievemnts if any that this pack contains?
  12. I just need someone who wants to work on Demolition man with me. Please don't contact me saying you want to boost then never answer invites or messages and never want to play. I can't tell you how many people have done that with this game. So if you're seriuos about getting 20 demolition kills done, message or friend me over xbox live.
  13. Yeah you can't use any bad words. I tried to use some objectionable words and was not allowed. I guess they wanted to keep it cleand for the younger players. And just so you know Gizz means wig and it's worth a lot of points LOL. But the game has no problem letting you do simple words because half the time you only have 3-5 letters to make a word.
  14. Like the title says don't be fooled by appearances or the achievement descriptions. This can be a very tough game unless you have a very high vocabulary and are good at games like Scrabble and Risk. There are only 2 or 3 AI opponents that are easy to beat, the rest are very tricky. Combine that with the short amount of time you have to solve the word puzzles, this can be a very challenging and frustrating game. But don't get me wrong I'm having a lot of fun playing it and am learning a ton of new words.
  15. I'm looking for a group of 2 0r 3 people that are serious about boosting the Vietnam DLC achievements. Vehicle kills, 100 kills with each gun, etc. Also Mission...accomplished achievement in normal mode. There are some modes in this game people never play which make it ideal for boosting. Message me or friend me over Xbox live if interestd. GT: B1G FAT DYNAM0.
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