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  1. Thank you very much mate, I was dreading having to play the game without dying, very glad to know I can just go back to certain ones later if I happen to get a cheap death
  2. So can anyone who has unlocked it confirm that the ''Not so Fragile'' achievement can be done chapter by chapter? I was gonna play through the game to enjoy and come back to any level where I died later on to knock it off. Do you have to get a deathless run in a level BEFORE moving on, or worse still not die throughout the entire game?? http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/images/smilies/confused.gif
  3. Need the 2 co-op achievements for finishing a district with 4 players and coming 1st whilst with 4. Message me on my xbox if anyone is interested. GT - ReesBoy89
  4. I was thinking of getting this DLC, but had a question beforehand because I want to complete it 100 percent. Some of the criteria for unlocking the costumes in this DLC state that you achieve an ''A'' ranking and I believe also a ''C'' ranking. It may be a silly question but since I havent played it yet, could someone maybe explain how these different ranks are achieved and what they are based on because I'm unable to find any info anywhere. Thanks
  5. Need a 4th player to join my team to do a run through of the heists on Easy just for the purpose of unlocking the achievements. Will be available any time after 12am GMT for anyone that is interested. Getting pretty desperate over here GT - ReesBoy89 Get in touch
  6. Need two people for the ''Backseat Driver'' Achievement as I already have one boosting partner. Would be willing to return the favor. Available anytime after 12am GMT Gamertag - ReesBoy89
  7. Need someone to make up the numbers for the ''I'm all that'' and the other co-op achievements. I will help in return gladly.
  8. Understood Final question, what is it in particular that makes the DLC so difficult, is it like enemy frequency? And in your personal opinion, could it actually be done alone or has it not ever been accomplished?
  9. Ok I got ya. So if I understand you correctly, all of the achievements in Bozaks can be done with as little as 2 people? Plus, since there doesnt seem to be any kind of guide in place for this DLC, could you maybe tell me what exactly is required for the ''Last Man Standing'' achievement? Thanks for the reply
  10. I just wondered since you have to win a match of each type, how many players are required as minimum to enter an active match? By which I mean for example, would it be possible to get this achievement if there are only ever 2 people playing at any given time since the multiplayer in my experience is pretty dead.
  11. I was thinking of getting the game but had a query about the 2 available DLC packages. I was wondering if all the achievements for ''The Zombie Games'' and ''Parkour Fever'' were offline, by which I mean can they all be unlocked solo or do they require co-op.
  12. Thank you mate I was worried about this one as I went straight for every achievement I could including liberating all outposts and failed to even notice this as a requirement. So to confirm, all I need to do to get this perk after the story is over is reset the outposts and take down 2 stealthily and it'll count? I presume you are speaking from your own experience here? Thanks again
  13. I am currently going for the achievements on the Xbox One version of the game and came across something that concerned me. In order to obtain the ''Fully Loaded'' achievement, one has to liberate two outposts without being detected in order to gain access to the ''Soft Landing'' skill. My question is since I have already liberated all outposts, can the feat of liberating two outposts ''undetected'' be accomplished post-campaign if you reset all outposts in the game menu. Can someone who has maybe done it this way please confirm that this is a 100% certain way of gaining the required feat?
  14. Also need the Changing Lanes and Brother in Arms co-op achievements. I'm on Xbox One and UK based, bit of a night owl and on generally after 12am UK time. Will be willing to help in return with these or just about any games I have. Looking for that 100%. GT: ReesBoy89
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