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  1. I know a bunch of people that hate on the Call of Duty franchise now, and honestly it's starting to lose my interest. But without a doubt I would love to see World at War remastered for the Xbox One. It is by far my favorite CoD. I loved the online multiplayer, and you can't top the original Nazi Zombies. The campaign was also, in my opinion, the best to date for the franchise.
  2. I've never been one to enjoy digital downloads because I like to have hard copies of my games. Of course that doesn't mean I haven't downloaded games before, just my preference to have the disc in hand. With that said I completely agree with your input. Sometimes I may have to look past my desire for a hard copy to be able to play the game at 12:01.
  3. Could be a connection problem. I recently changed internet providers, and so far I am not pleased, but usually that doesn't work for me. I always have to back out all the way to accept the invite.
  4. Ahh midnight releases, a fun gathering between my friends and fellow gamers, and all the anticipation of that game you have waited for. That feeling of standing in line with your friends and after you get your copy racing home to jump in a party and playing the rest of the night, and following day. With the Xbox One I no longer have the same excitement for Midnight Releases as I once did. For me the sole reason is simply the lack of being able to get home and pop the disc in and play. I remember standing in lines with my friends while we talked about all the fun we are going to have as soon as we would get home. I would get home and start playing that very second. Now I have to wait, sometimes hours, just for the game to install. So now instead of getting home from a Midnight Release and playing until I can no longer stay awake with my friends, I find myself getting home and having to wait for the install. I usually go to sleep and wake up early to finally be able to play. I just miss the good ole days of racing home, that excitement in my heart to play as soon as I get home, and in my opinion some great gaming memories with my friends. Nothing compares to the Midnight Release Gaming Session, that feeling of getting home around 12:30 in the morning with your new treasure, and playing until you can't keep your eyes open.
  5. I have run into this problem a few times myself. Can't stand it.
  6. At first I really didn't like the Xbox One Home Screen, but after awhile it grew on me. However what I absolutely can't stand is all the steps you have to go through just to invite friends to a game/party chat. I loved how on the 360 you could click the Xbox Home button and it would pull up the Quick Guide. I could simply go to friends, select the friend and mash X. It was so much simpler, especially while playing a game. Now I have to back out all the way to the home screen and go through the process, which especially sucks while playing a game online. It is also so much more of a hassle to accept a party invite. Just can't express enough the simplicity the 360 laid out to invite friends, start parties, send messages, etc. And it's not as big of a deal to me but I also hate that I have to back all the way out just to view my achievement list. On the 360 I could just click the Xbox Home button and scroll over to achievements. O, and the install times suck. I miss the good ole days of buying a new game, heading home and being able to pop it right in and play.
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