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  1. Anyone want to go for par times and scores in Reach? Send me a message, GT: Crew 511A
  2. Is Transcending required to get 100 percent?
  3. I'm also looking for Hero Hunter partners if anyone is interested. GT: Crew 511A
  4. If anyone's still following this thread (or this game), I'm having problems with this one as well. I've beat the whole campaign and played on all 25 skirmish maps, but this one still won't pop for me. Time Cruncher and Master Builder won't pop either.
  5. Anyone want to fight shadows? My screen name is Crew 511A. If anyone can help me get this achievement, I'll repay the favor.
  6. Ok, I'm at my wits end here. Whenever I play my X-Box 360, the next time I turn on my X-Box One, I have a bunch of problems. I'll have really bad horizontal lines, and eventually I'll get the "black screen of death". The only way I can get black to playing my XBO is by rebooting it in low res mode, which is kind of a pain in the butt. This only happens when I play my XB1 after playing my XB360. If I play my blu ray player, it doesn't cause this problem. I've tried switching HDMI input ports on my tv, but no luck. My XB1 is on HDMI and my XB360 is on component, if that makes a difference.
  7. What the guy above me said is true. Also, what skulls are you using?
  8. If anyone needs a coop partner, send me an add. I've beat all 4 of the campaigns on Legendary, plus ODST and Spartan Ops. I have a few par times and scores I need to get, along with a few odd ball achievements. Anyway, plenty of people helped me, so if you need an extra gun, add me and I'll give you a hand. My GT is Crew 511A
  9. I completed (with help) the Life Story achievement on Halo MCC last night. The in game menu shows 45/45, but no achievement popped. I tried all the usual fixes, such as the hard reset, but nothing. I guess now we play the waiting game. We can just play the games to have fun and not worry about the GS for awhile.
  10. I'm going to be on tonight at 9:45 pm EST. If anyone wants in to play the campaign on legendary co-op, send me a message or a friend's request. I've already got one other player ready. My gamer tag is Crew 511A.
  11. Yeah, I'm definitely NOT a fan of the req packs. I'll be glad in a few days when everyone is out of all the bonus req packs they got for pre-ordering and watching videos. People buying req packs brings Halo dangerously close into "Pay to win" territory.
  12. Considering how many times I've been killed by the rocket launcher in multiplayer, I'm not sure I'd say they've been nerfed.
  13. LOL. Time knows as much about video games as they do about politics and world events. Halo doesn't get the yearly rehash COD and Assassins Creed gets.
  14. Appreciated. I'm surprised as the lack of information there is about this game. For instance, weapon synthesis. I mean, I figured it out through trial and error, but the lack of explanation from the developer is kinda odd. Also, about creating tech...are you trying to get the cursor to stop in the yellow area? Why does Wheeljack complain about tech that seems pretty good? The whole thing is a mystery to me.
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