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  1. I am still a new member and have yet to unlock my profile. URGGGGGGG....I would love to get to know more people and I would appreciate some help getting around the site. <3
  2. So I hate the idea of playing only as a really big and strong knight or something. I have a chacter build that is kind of mixed and was my first playthrough. Any tips on what I should grab or what actions I should do more. The game is really really hard even with my lightweight character.
  3. I literally just slammed 6 slugs at once and it still didn't pop. And it did hit all of them. They were the ones in chapter 5 where some pistons are behind some glass. I am logged in, my hobby horse is maxed out, and I used the same combo. And they were literally in a pile. Please help!
  4. Thanks! I hope I meet a lot of new awesome friends and buddies
  5. Hey I need new gamer friends. My gamertag is FuzzyKitty OwO I am 19 years old, a furry, and I love to have a great time with friends. People tell me I am funny and weird and a really cool guys. :3
  6. Hiya! Nice to meet ya! My gamertag is FuzzyKitty OwO if you want to chat.
  7. But what if you are a game collector?! I wanna keep all my video game gems! *cries* I don't want to have to delete games to get new ones and then have to buy them over and over, that is the definition of greed right there...
  8. I just got Just Cause 2 for free and it is pretty fun once you get used to it. Other than that I have been playing the heck out of Dark Souls! X3 I love Dark Souls...it is my drug at them moment. Until I move onto another one of my "drugs" hahaha lol
  9. Hey everybody! I am a gamer furry and I love to play RPG's, action, and mostly horror. I love a lot of different games. I love to talk on the mic, so it would be awesome if you have one too. But not essential. My gamertag is FuzzyKitty OwO Just in case you wanna add me! Thank you guys and gals! ^w^
  10. Hewwo! ^w^ *is a mine turtle and explodes* lol. I am a gamer as well. I love rpgs and action. But horror is always my favorite. My gamertag is FuzzyKitty OwO
  11. @Danimal511 I am an achievement whore as well and I am trying to do the 5 posts thing to unlock my profile...My gamertag is FuzzyKitty OwO
  12. @blaastoid I love games too! I am trying to get my profile to work on here and I use walkthroughs a lot too. RPGS are my favorite. My gamertag is FuzzyKitty OwO
  13. Hey I am new to this site. So if anybody could help me or simply be my friend, my Gamertag is FuzzyKitty OwO
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