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  1. Yes, add me. Lets do this!

  2. Hey man still up for the co-op fifa 14 achievements?

  3. Hey man, looking for someone to help boost the co-op FIFA 14 achievements with. You in?

  4. Hey man just wondering if you have got the worms community achievement yet with 4 people?

  5. Motaro is easily beating using Kitana, instead of the jump kick method, use a lot of uppercuts and use her back, down, X special. I forget the name i think it is square wave. any ways you travel along the top of the screen and when Motaro jumps at your or even does his stupid little hop you will hit him. Rinse and repeat until he is your bitch!
  6. Use any character and immediately move backwards as soon as you can, try to duck under any projectiles. Just block his shoulder dash attacks and hit him with an uppercut. If he dashes into the air then catch him when he comes down so you don't lose any health. As you well know you can use sub zero to freeze him as he is getting up but I always be a millisecond too late and have to take a green orb to the face!
  7. MK9 perform fatalities and babalities with every character was pretty tiring. Nowhere near as bad as getting the character mastery with every player, over 24 hours playtime with each fighter, eugh!!
  8. Cannot wait to see what the Predator is like in action! Freddy in MK9 was kind of meh but Jason in MKX is pretty impressive.
  9. Currently grinding like HELL on the 2011 Mortal Kombat! Trying to get the mastery for each character, 100 wins, 100 fatalities, 150 X-Rays and over 24 hours playing time! 27 players at 24 hours per character is 648 hours!!!
  10. 1)Mortal Kombat 2)Halo 3)Metal Gear Solid 4)Tom Clancys Ghost Recon 5)Gears of War
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