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  1. Mintz

    Your dream Car?

    unpopular opinion but mine is a New Jeep wrangler. Those can go on forever and absolutely love the look and feel when driving it. I know its a gas guzler but its worth to have it a second car and to go on off-road trips.
  2. Looking to get new games. What games are often underrated but great?
  3. A lot of my friends were playing it and felt left out, I got Halo, GTA and Call of duty. They were also my first rated MA games. As a kid, it was amazing and never turned back. I went from using Xbox 360, Xbox slim, Xbox one, currently deciding whether to upgrade or not.
  4. For me that is playing the remaining AC games that i have. I have yet to go through syndicate and brotherhood. Playing the halo collection. and upgrade my current xbox.
  5. The Great Gatsby, Really great book
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