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  1. looking for a group to help get me dz achievments , dont have all the best gear , but need some help getting rogue kills and kills in the dz etc. any gear from there would be nice too
  2. the reviews seem pretty harsh, but im tempted anyways, though part of me says, just wait it will be on sale soon... not seen anything on reddit or on here from people who actually played the game so thought id ask.
  3. thought as much, also do you know if jenkins still has a high chance on the drs orders mission, iv ran this countless times n hes not appearing, dont wanna be wasting my time if he dont spawn there no more.
  4. i remember playing this game to death on 360, im not even sure how many times i played through, but i do remember having to play through uvhm, now im not complaining at that....... but i cant remember why you had to play through... so my question is as the title suggests, do you have to play through it on the XB1 , i dont see no achievement tied to it, which is a shame, but is there a challenge you can only get on UVHM, somethings telling me you still have to play through, but i thought id pop in and let you guys clear up the confusion.
  5. buy it....... seriously i played the beta and thought wow this is bobbins........ i ignored it and didnt care for anything related to it, my impression was, too long load times, too easy to win as the monster, and unless playing with friends its going to be absolute rammel........ i picked the ultimate edition up when it was on sale for about £7.50 and still couldnt bring myself to play it....... until today i was bored and nobody was online playing anything decent so i thought meh why not ....... wow what have i been missing out on, iv only played with randoms and yes there are frustrations like everyone trying to 1 man it , but i cant wait to get friends on tonight and go with a strong team, this game is massively underrated . its such a shame that the player base has dwindled and it got so much negative press at release, but its been one of the most fun games iv played in a long time. so yeh id deffo 100% recommend you give this a go.
  6. hey guys i trying to get a document from the flooded archives, its almost directly north at the top most point from the chamber of records, i cant seem to find a way to it, as everything is blocked off. nevermind , almost immediately after posting this i saw a gap in the corner i could fit through, doh.
  7. i quite enjoy this game, but i find it quite difficult, im following the achievment guide, but iv found my characters become quite ill very quickly, im constantly hungry, and i get raided which injures my characters fairly quickly, so i get to a point where im struggling to do everything... i personally tried building 3 beds, and a cooker then a water catcher, on raids i try to gather food and meds first then supplies after, but it just seems a struggle, which in reality is generally how it would be, but even a cooked meal doesnt really affect my hunger levels so i have to feed 1 person in the househould a couple of times, then its back in a circle, as the other people are still hungry . become weaker and by the time i have them food, the other guy is hungry again....... so yeh, any tips or words of wisdom.
  8. ok so looking to tear through this game as i did it on 360, but this was a long time before uploading games to the cloud and save transfers so i have to start from scratch, the biggest ungh from me is the multiple playthroughs regarding each character for their abilities......... now i know there was a glitch with zer0 where if you got in the back of a certain vehicle you could continuously switch sides and it would keep you phased/cloaked you did this for the amount of time required and it popped the achievement, much quicker than going for another playthrough, so was wondering if this still existed or it had been updated or patched out.
  9. after some time away i want to get finished up on this game, and most of the achievements left are the big grind, i need the 500 bounties, legendary gear, and to get my characters up and level 70, though iv just tried searching for games, i cant seem to find one...... so if anyone has an uber character that likes to mince through bounties and doesnt mind a tag along, i wouldnt mind dropping into your game.
  10. ok so this pinata just vanished from the garden, and is nowhere to be found, and its the last pinata i need to send off for the acheivement, and we cant seem to get antoher to appear, we even joined a friends game and did all the steps but after placing everything in the shed , the egg will not appear.... does anyone have any ideas, or does anyone have one in their garden that i could join and send it off to fill my pinata book.
  11. not played after about 1000 hours were put into it, might be time to dust one of me ol frames off and see what its all about again.
  12. or close to that anyways.... iv read the guide etc, and its playthrough suggestions seem put in place for true achievement junkies lol. What im wondering is what order you did your playthroughs in, im not sure playing on a harder difficulty with no upgrades, then going into the even harder modes, especially akumu etc.. i would of presumed a casual with no upgrades and getting all collectables etc then a hard/nightmare run fully upgraded, Then ( i know it adds another playthrough) a casual speed run, then your akumu run, leaving the worse till last.
  13. ok so theres 2 of us online now, if we can get 2 more we will do some deathwish missions to get them out the way. any players who want in, must speak english and have mic, must know what they are doing and be able to hold their own, no lo levels, missions are transport park rats pro watchdogs pro dockyard bomb forest bomb hotline hotline pro hoxton hoxton pro election day pro framing frame these will be stealthed where possible, unless its quicker and easier to go loud. message me or lecky243 TUH for inv
  14. online again for explosive arrows, must know what doing, we wont carry you.
  15. looking for 1 maybe 2 more people now for bozak horde, must be experienced and know what doing with mic, online now for an hour or 2
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