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  1. I wanna say Back 4 Blood (it's ready to play)...but, decided to slog through AC Valhalla as I stopped playing it a year ago, nowhere near complete. Bloody hell, talk about a metric shit ton of useless running about in this game, lol. Opal hunting is doing me head in lads, haha.
  2. DayZ (thanks to TA's discord server...< 2hrs to 1k it).
  3. GT: Mr Czarcastic Game preferred: Resident Evil Village
  4. I'll old school it and, gasps, wait for it...type out the title instead of a inserting a jpg, lmao. Dying Light - Platinum Edition
  5. I went back to Dying Light as the Premium Edition was on sale for $33 for all DLC content. I'll mindlessly play through this until my son is back from basic training in the military so we can co-op Halo MCC. :o
  6. Been a hot minute thanks to Game Pass: Full Throttle Remastered The Gardens Between The Little Acre Maneater
  7. So, under the 'Achievements' drop down selection, Xbox Series X is ones first choice. Selecting that then picking the letter of the game (in this case Yakuza: Like a Dragon), yields this result: https://www.xboxachievements.com/browsegames/xbox-series-x/y/ No way to pop a link to the XB1 side for that game for new users here? If going forward, that's simply to laborious for staff here, it might be simpler to just remove Xbox Series X from the selection choice and direct users to the search magnifying glass? Just seems like a broken option to users if it does nothing, y'know?
  8. That may very well be, I'm thinking a bit more outside the box for those that are newer to the site and navigate to the guides or forum search was all. Re: Not bringing them or linking them to X|S forums is fine by me; merely a suggestion to improve traffic. In fact, it may not have been clear. My suggestion is more linking X|S titles back to XB1 forums so when folks do search in that area and see diddly squat, they at least see a hyperlink navigating them where they should go, rather than say...TrueAchievements? Re: Using the search. If that's a specifically gauged question to myself (or overall), the answer is yes. Been here more than a hot minute. Again, having a multitude of ways getting to the same answer isn't always the solution if another alternative can make it simpler on the end user (recognizing that might not mean the easiest solution for staff). Either way, it was a suggestion. No longer care.
  9. Came to see if there was a guide/roadmap/anything (there wasn't) only to find it buried in the Xbox One games section for the past half year: https://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/forum/7915-yakuza-like-a-dragon/ Just an FYI, I'm sure you know, this belongs in the Series X|S games section. Same with: https://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/forum/8451-outriders/ Or at least make a duplicate subform if both titles span both consoles. Newer members are less likely to do the cross platform search like I did and move their traffic to TrueAchievements.
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