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  1. Thanks for the answer. Microtransactions in a payed game are a showstopper for me. Think I'll wait until it fully goes free-to-play, just like Microsoft did with The Gunstringer (another 'payed' game of theirs which featured microtransaction stuff..).
  2. Wait a minute. The game is not free-to-play but it still features micro transactions to unlock certain weapon? Because to me that would be extremely disappointing... Or are the credits easily achievable in-game?
  3. Hah, nice idea! Might do that once I have the easy achievements using my Surface
  4. The deal is no longer available so this thread may be closed. On a side note, I think the game is pretty enjoyable, glad I got it .
  5. Hey, Section 8 is one of Steam's deals today, with an estonishing price of €1,99. Don't know how much that is in $, but it's one good deal for sure. Steam forums told me this game is LIVE enabled, which means that you play this by logging in with Games For Windows and earn Achievements that will add to your gamerscore. Cheers, KippJuHH ps. DIRT 2 is also LIVE enabled and enjoying a 75% discount today (€4,99). Not buying that one though, but someone on here might care .
  6. Forget my previous post, I just tried it and it is not possible to copy your save data between storage devices, just like DeltaAgent said. *sighs*
  7. Copy your save to another storage device (HDD, Memory Unit or USB device), then use this save for your crimes. The moment you want to use your clean save again, simply select the other storage device when booting up the game . Edit: Nevermind, this method doesn't work because you cannot migrate save data between devices...
  8. Interested in boosting the multiplayer achievements (non co-op). So if there is going to be another boosting session in the future, message me and I will most likely be there .
  9. I'd like to know this as well, because both description and guide are unclear about this... Edit: Nevermind, found it in this topic; http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=122905
  10. Just got the game so I thought I'd throw my name in, in case anyone wants to go for the online Achievements. Hit me up on Xbox Live and I'll try to join you in this Pure experience. My GT is KippJuHH. Edit: Got 'em, thanks!
  11. How about this Thursday, at 22:00 GMT (which is I think at 16:00 CST and 23:00 in my country). Who is up for that? Edit: Oh wait I just saw westz was trying to set something up for the weekend. Fine by me too, take your pick guys.
  12. Sign me up! The two Achievements I worry about the most are Cluster Bomb (triple kill with explosive) and Ace of Spades (5 kills without dying and respawns). I need the other online Achievements too so I hope we can do as many as possible in the time frame. I will most likely be available, and I live in GM Time so I hope we can work something out. Add me on Live with a little message regarding the X360A boost. My GT is KippJuHH.
  13. KippJuHH

    Buggy Quests ?

    I have the exact same thing. I can't fight Brogan because I am unable to challenge one guy. Only way to 'finish' the quest is by killing Brogan, but this doesn't give you the achievement. On my first save I had the same kind of trouble with some other quest in harbour town and in the Monastary. I need to start all over for the third time to get my quests right. The only advice I can give you is to do quests in the right order and on the right way. In other words, don't knock people out to get their items or other actions that might break the quests. The game is very buggy. Or at least, my promo copy is.. Edit: Read elsewhere on this forum that you are able to fix some NPCs by using the Tell A Joke scroll on them. Tried it on a few and it did stop them from ignoring me.
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