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  1. Bottom shelf vodka tonight, feeling nostalgic for some reason.
  2. Imagine a world where we hold politicians accountable for misrepresenting us, rather than trying to kill one another over nonsense partisanship. Imagine a wold where a co-op FF game could replace CoD 15. Can you?
  3. Cashed a fat check this morning so at the Grocery store it was nothing but the good stuff. All name brand, organic overpriced products because I was in douchebag mode. I think the lady undercharged me though, everything rang up to only $31 and some change. I've gone in that same store, bought less amount of off brand products and walked out feeling broke. This is going to me my month guys, I can feel it. I will it!
  4. I'm looking forward to FC5, has a True Detective season 1 vibe to it. Also, I'm from east Texas so this may give me a chance to unleash my inner red neck. If that's what FC is going for, this time.
  5. My cousin is the same, he just moved and had to put most in storage. I throw all my cases away these days, and just keep them in binders. The occasional rare movie, or if something has a cool cover, I'll keep.
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