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  1. Following powerpyx's video guide I cannot for the life of me get the police to stand where he had them, I've tried so many times! I can usually get 4 headshots straight away but the 5th always ducks and I end up missing I've actually run out of money to buy the dolls I have to wait in game for my kickback now! Anyone know any other method to do this as it's infuriating me. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone. I'm looking to knock the last few achievements out for this game, I need both Coop ones and multiplayer (no one plays and I haven't been able to join any mode at all) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Gt RPDPREDAT0R the 0 is a zero btw XD
  3. How do we go about getting these now since the weekly no longer gives coins? I can't seem to find any information regarding strange coins and how to earn them. Any info would be greatful.
  4. Looking for a coop partner to complete the story and various challenges with. I'm online most evenings, have a mic, currently playing ironman difficulty, played the game before on ps4. Message me on xboxone, I'll reply via SmartGlass
  5. I know it's a long shot but does anyone need a hand with authentic difficulty, will do the coop glitch to make life easier, also boosting ribbons too and survival. Message me, I have SmartGlass so I will respond asap. I'm online every evening from 8pm UK time Sometimes sooner depending on circumstances Thanks
  6. My personal car got destroyed and mors insurance company will not answer the damn phone in fact no-one is answering my calls!!?!?!?!? Any ideas on how to fix this?
  7. Evening people I would like someone to help me do the first Heist Fleece in order to unlock the Armoured Kuruma car I will split the score evenly 50/50 I will also help in anyway I can anyone who needs help getting platinum awards and achievements My gamertag is Genisys347 Timezone GMT 0 - UK Have a mic And I play fair and I'm dedicated. Message me on xboxlive I have the SmartGlass app so I'll reply when you message me. Thankyou
  8. Genisys347


    Hello everyone Recently purchased an xboxone and looking forward to earn some lovely achievements . Just finished Telltales Walking dead seasons 1&2, Wolf among us and awaiting the last episode of Game of thrones . I'm looking for friends to help on GTA V Online, I'm a low level but I'm experienced due to previously playing on ps4 so I know what I'm doing and would like some help doing the heists and missions. Look forward to playing with you 😀
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