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  1. Hey so I already completed this game on an old profile but am wondering if its worth attempting to 100% it on my current profile... Could anyone give me insight as to how terrible the collecting and levelling is after the third or forth time?
  2. My kinect will constantly connect then disconnect itself from my xb1 :S
  3. Currently have GTA 5 - Can't bare to play through it for the third time Far Cry 4 - Just no drive to play this game HMCC - Waiting for me and a buddy to have some time of to Laso the series
  4. For me its a toss up between Skyrim and Dark Souls II (before all the DLC came out).
  5. Just did the monopoly achievements and am currently working on Dark Souls II SotFS
  6. Thank you for the link! Will read through that now
  7. Been using this site for awhile now but never thought to make an account finally did, now can anyone tell me how to link my gamertag to my account?
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