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  1. ***EDIT*** Ok so I finally managed to get 1100/1100 in this game. If anyone can't find Ryan Industries DLC in Marketplace, it means it's not availible in your region. Best workaround is to create another xbox live account on xbox website and choose UK as a region. Download DLC and play on other account. ----------------------- Hello, so I just got a new Xbox 360 (I had one few years ago), created new gamertag and I feel really nostalgic about BioShock, It's one of my favorite games of all times. So I started playing, was excited, aiming for 1100/1100 GS, because I already did that once on my old account. I am a completitionist and i want every achievement. The problem is, there seems to be no way for me to disable Vita-chambers. I've spent whole day pulling my hair out and trying to find a solution. I don't see the ryan industries plasmids and gene tonics dlc in the marketplace. It seems that It's not available in my region (Slovakia). I have total 1100 GS points in my achievements list, so achievement "Brass Balls" is there, it downloaded with auto update of the game. I am good at the game, so there is a chance I will not die on entire hard playthrough, but I still fear i will not get the achievement "Brass Balls" even if i dont die, just because i didn't turn off vita chambers. Or can anyone confirm that I can just load older save if I die? I've read that dying corrupts saves and I can't get the achievement even if I load older save. I'm really desperate and I appreciate any help
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