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  1. Morden warfare 2 Remastered for $60 and no free maps

  2. So admittedly i haven't been my Xbox 1 much so i was wondering what are some of the most have Xbox 1 games.
  3. Drink Bleach and die Kid

  4. slow as hell download speeds. Im like a update behind everyone when it comes to Halo 5. And it takes forever to install a game enless u disconnect from the Internet. My Ps4 downloads faster then my xbone. Been almost a year since i own my xbone and i have played more on my Ps4 because of the slow download speeds.
  5. recently got The Rare Collection and Sunset Overdrive. 30 games for 30 dollars i couldnt pass that up
  6. Currently working on the halo collection and the rare collection. Im new here and just wondering where is the currently playing thread or dont u all have 1
  7. Im rocking a blue background with red as my color. I pretty much have that color on all my gaming consoles
  8. Good ridden to the trash that is IE after owning my laptop thats now almost 2 years old. I used IE maybe 3 months and i had nothing but issues with it till i upgraded to google chrome. I have yet to try the new microsoft edge browser .
  9. Hello everyone my name is John and i've started this new account to strart fresh on achievement hunting heres to a fresh strart :
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