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  1. Here's a video I made for the invincibility glitch, you can add it to the guide if you wish. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fI7nKTcc4k8]‪Call of Juarez: The Cartel - Invincibility Glitch (Tutorial)‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  2. http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/Xy/o8/1YCLiGJhbC9GfBsFG1lTWDEyL2FjaC8wL0YyAAAAAOfn5-oTKkM=.jpg Professor Portal - 75http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/misc/g-icon.gif After completing co-op, complete Calibration Course online with a friend who hasn’t played before. hey guys i need professor portal, if you have never played coop before add me, i would really appreciate it GT: xi imatty ix
  3. Guide has been updated, Please tell me what you think.
  4. Hello everyone, my name is SeaNanners... lol jk. I am looking to get the online achievements. -Ride The Lightning -2 X 4 -Metal Militia -The struggle within -The fourhorsemen -blitzkrieg -black ...And the battery 1 mill! I play expert guitar and drums. Add me: xi imatty ix
  5. Sweet method! I think this achievement ruins the game (unless you use Genetic Carnages method). I am not going to try for this cheevo for a while, I'm trying to get to saint
  6. Is there a way to pick a specific mask for matches online? I turned them on in options but I can't pick my own mask which sucks.
  7. Thanks, I'm not going to stop playing arcade. And note to everyone, If you play the map Subway (Arcade Mode) then play normally until you reach the top of the first stairs in the big room, let your team mates take out a majority of the cops then kill all of your team mates, pickup the money and run to the escape vehicle, you can get about $4 million per round!
  8. I think it looks awesome, and like FamilyGuyGary said, it is to do with the art style of the game. It's very creative, in my opinion.
  9. My friend had a MODDED online BUT a LEGIT singleplayer would he have to delete his single player AND multiplayer or just multiplayer? Thanks
  10. I'm level 24 and I am looking to boost my last 2 achievements: Getting to level 30 and 40 Message AND add me on XBL if you want to boost! And if you have a method that would be good too At the same time we could also boost achievements for those who need them. My gamertag is: xi imatty ix I'm on basically all day (from like 12am to 12pm GMT)
  11. I'll add you tonight mate, If you still need the help
  12. Thanks guys this really helped I just got 1000G borderlands.
  13. I need two achievements to get the 1000G: One of them is made in new haven, I have went through them all and I have noticed that I have 6 missions left on the checklist (from the guide) and I cannot find them. Bandit Treasure - ............... (2 of them) Jacks new eye Fire power - .......................(3 of them) anyone know where i can find these missions?
  14. Thanks mate, yeh about the online achievements in those games. I never realised about that. I hear halo 2 does it though so I might get that.
  15. I recently bought fallout 3 PC and just typed in all the achievements, can I do this in gta iv? Also anyone else know what other PC games can do this too please
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