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  1. What's up? Where did you get your gamer pic from? I like it.

  2. Thief Im pretty sure youve got my back on this one.... I think its a good thing you warned me so some people understand that this isnt some bull**** site to say that kind of stuff on. Im also P.O'd that since my comment was warned why wasnt his thrown out as well, as well as something else of his, for he clearly does not appreciate what this site is.
  3. In co-op you get unlimted continues as long as you both are not dead at the same time... If this happens you and your partner return to the lobby.
  4. Sign me up Send me a friends request and I will hit you up saturday night and definetly do that.
  5. I get about 13k kudos plus 500k credits for doing the very last race on hardcore with my CC8S.. Its not that hard.
  6. *POST EDITED* First off, stay on topic. Second, dont act like that towards any member. You've been warned.
  7. So your saying once you complete all the achievements (yea right best in the world....) you wont look back at your game list and see 925 out of 925 and say wtf?!? If I do all of them and maaaaybe the best in world etc. are 0 gamerscore... then i have to admit yes I would be upset....All im saying
  8. Great post Darklife..... http://www.elderscrolls.com/downloads/media_movies.htm After playing a couple videos you get the general idea of what the gameplay and combat is like... Like Morrowind you can change from first person to third person... The game designers talk about how the manipulation of the objects (ie. ability to move rocks- throw them) will have the gamer hooked....It will have me...
  9. No Im real upset about this... Why not just make one achievement worth 75 more... Its not THAT F***ing hard..honestly....And believe me Im not the only one thats upset.....
  10. Represent....sure whatever.... mygamerscore.net/leaderboard <--- yea uhhh it has everyone....whos ever made a gamertag....
  11. 925 gamerscore.... If it comes out with that much gamerscore for real I seriously will be pissed off. Not only will they seriously destroy the purpose of gamerscore after blowing off Condemned, they will f*** up the game in some way IMO. This is rediculous Im starting to question Microsoft...
  12. Wet Factory these people that play the games earlier are testers that have a live account to give a look at what the achievements will be.
  13. LMAO, you got a point there 8) yeah well I play for fun and I own on XBL. ranked top 100 in NFL 2k5 when there was over 180,000 and had a 2.0 kill death ration on rainbow 6 3. So I dont think I can be classified as a "sissy gamer". But if you want to bring it on XBL let me know. Im ranked 13th on the East Coast in CounterStrike: Source.... Lemme know if you guys wanna play!
  14. Sarcasm is a beautiful thing.... Oh ya nice gamer pic!
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