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  1. Gamefly is finally adding this to their rental inventory
  2. Session going over on TrueAchievements for this coming Sunday 26th
  3. I have a save with and achievement house with individual chests setup with materials for each of these and in desert area with animals, villagers, mobs Acquire Hardware Archer Bake Bread Benchmaking Body Guard Chestful of Cobblestone Cow Tipper Delicious Fish Diamonds to you! DIAMONDS! Dispense With This Enchanter Getting an Upgrade Getting Wood Have a Shearful Day Hot Topic Into Fire Into The Nether Iron Belly Iron Man It’s a Sign! Librarian Local Brewery MOAR Tools Monster Hunter On A Rail Overkill Pork Chop Pot Planter Rainbow Collection Renewable Energy Repopulation Sniper Duel Stayin' Frosty The End The End? The Haggler The Lie Time to Farm! Time to Mine! Time to Strike! When Pigs Fly Zombie Doctor I have a stack of fish and bones for these but you'll need to track the wolves and ocelot down (I see some while riding the rail) Leader of the Pack Lion Tamer If time allows I can help with Return to Sender in the Neither. GT: TXRickC
  4. It did not unlock for me on 360 or Xbone when I only picked up and dropped all 16 that were already made. I needed to make all 16 colors (while walking in tutorial to stampys house I gathered some cocoa beans and killed some sheep to get 16 wool, then at stampys there was the other needed dyes and bone to make bone meal to make white)
  5. you had posted about a video for Forza Horizon 2, Bounty Hunter achievement, link works but says video is private. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdzZDLyCJ3w&feature=youtu.be

  6. I have it as well, just renewed Gold after a few years away
  7. N/M I had originally did the downloads through the in game menu for the DLC content, it showed it downloaded but I redownloaded them correctly from the xbox menu and all is working now.
  8. There are 3 Free DLC for Mods, I downloaded them but not seeing any additional items in the Store. Found vids from Puma Plow on YouTube discussing these DLC packs when they came out but I'm not finding any of these items. Checking again and it shows I downloaded them all.
  9. I enjoyed this game, fun and a few challenges too. Defiantly needed the co-op help a few times.
  10. This was a pretty quick 1000/1000 and probably one the more fun quick ones. I've been playing a lot online still, infection & free roam co-op challenges (trying to do them all). Wrapped up Bucket List on FM4 prior to playing Horizon so I really needed a fresh game after grinding the 1,400+ races.
  11. That 8,000 mile will take a while, Im at 100% and 1000GS without it. I have been lurking a few free roams trying to complete the other challenges still just to do them. Finally got the 9th Barn find too.
  12. Jumping in line for a sale too, GT: TXRickC $1000 Vinyl graphic (search KLBJ if that's easier, radio station bumper sticker)
  13. http://fototime.com/48850D73C569E63/medium800.jpg
  14. Any tips on what pitch tip and where to aim for to get a grounder or popup? Only Achevo that's giving me grief. Searched throughout and not really anything descriptive.
  15. Is it any better to have player 1 release plinko chip from center and player 2 to only have the 1 chip (answer wrong)? I too tried the 4-chip method twice and no work for me...
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