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  1. Knight Turkey Santa King Cyber Monday Ms Pump Fat Kid Rose Rammy Hatzilla Ground Hog Stubby 50% Off Missing several myself so would prefer to trade for other star heads rather than gems. Looking for.... The Final Unicorn Thief Barbarian Swamp Bro Meebs Cecil The Monster FBI Agent 1 Scuba Steve Peeps Jonny Four The Nose Knows Paul The Dad Mr Peabody BOOM! Tiny Cyclops Snakeface Tooth Brush I See You Buckle Your Pants Triple Threat Snail Boot Moose Blocketeer Siren DuckShark Sausage Gerard Steamroll Victim #1 Man Birth Tiny Monkey Lava Lamp Cat Control Toast Winston Behemoth Chicken Also have plenty of yarn to spare if anyone still needs it
  2. Sent a friend request to all 10 but alas it looks like A Steve Zissou decided to decline 0/1 atm hopefully the remaining 9 will take pity on my lack of pinball skill
  3. Xangcris


    I did it on expert playing solo as storm. As everyone says just spam mutant power, die and continue. Also skip the cut scenes just in case
  4. It unlocked without me having to play through as Dazzler
  5. I'm up for trading wins and achievements what have you. I'm just after Zack money to get the last of the time attack outfits so I'm not fussed about my ranking at the end of the day. My gamer tag is Xangcris
  6. In the same exchange they also talk about the the awesomeness of the Ascension's main gun. Like everything else about the asari, it was just overrated.
  7. I still wonder if the Ascension was meant to be such a kick ass ship how come it just sat there and took a pounding. Perhaps if you fired back at the people trying to kill you, you might be able to prolong your life or heck save yourselves. Then again aasri commandos had to be the most overrated soldiers in the galaxy. So maybe the ship was just talked up to being something it wasn't.
  8. 300 points was perfect! Got to finish off my 1500 point card I picked up to download Castle Crashers. Finaly got Tali a decent suit of armour!
  9. It does work if you play through on casual and just finish the last section of each chapter on insane. Utterly pointless but it does work. The game itself is not that hard you just can't do the rambo thing on Insane like you can on Casual. So if you have to chest to finish it on Insane then you suck.
  10. I went to load a previous chapter, it wouldn't let me choose anything beyond the training mission. So I then contiued me previous game which was at the end of chapter 2 so if it could acknowledge my save game file why wouldn't it register all that I have done?
  11. Same crap just happened to me, it even reset my COG tags back to 0. There were nice enough to leave me with the worthless gamer picture you get when you finish it on Insane. The achievements are there the save data is there. If the damn machine cannot recognize something or the file is corrupt they should at least have some error message.
  12. spammed punch to win with Bass, nice to know that it works with everyone.
  13. Yeah I checked through the crash cars, thats how I found out I had the Yellowcard and Monster Cable trucks. Dolby car still nowehere to be seen Thanks anyway
  14. How does this car get unlocked? I've downloaded it 3 times, deleted and downloaded it again and it still will not show up. All the other downloaded cars are selectable and have been selectable for some time but the Dolby car just is not there.
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