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  1. I first played this game when I was still a pre-teen, and I can remember the opening sequence giving me nightmares after I played it at 4am. Then heard my dad drop the f-bomb the first time when I failed a hack puzzle. Funny memories.
  2. They only count in Bad Company 1 I believe.
  3. I gave up on this game because of that exact part in the missions.
  4. Anyone else think that this campaign on veteran was unreasonably hard? I already find it hard enough to get into Treyarch's campaign vs Infinity Ward campaigns.
  5. This achievement aggravated me for the greater part of two whole weeks. Technique is really important, and Youtube is a must. This is more challenging than anything you have faced.
  6. Anyone agree that at the point this game came out it was the best in the series? For some reason just had a really good time with this one.
  7. I could not even fully play the multiplayer due to the fact no one else played it. Gave me some aggravation when I was going for the achievements.
  8. The Assassin's Creed games after the first one have much more to them than the first one. I would also say the original Assassin's Creed is a little bit more repetitive than the following ones. I enjoyed it though and not too bad of a 1000G.
  9. Hello I've been coming to this website for achievement help for a long time, but have never gotten involved with the community or gotten on any leaderboards. I think I have enough gamerscore (30620) and a couple of 100% games. If anyone has information on how to do this it will be welcomed. Thank you!
  10. Top 5 Co-op Games: 1: Borderlands 2: Halo 3: Gears of War 4: Army of Two 5: Fable 3
  11. I usually lift around four times a week, run about 10 miles a week, and then play basketball about two days a week.
  12. I would say I get 6-8 hours a night.
  13. Does anyone else take more than 15 min to find a game every time they try to play online? I try to stay in a game, but the people always leave and it's another long wait. Does anyone else experience this?
  14. You also have to be careful with the kind of television set that you have. My Hitachi I had to return cause it would not run the American xbox.
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