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  1. Having seen that this is going to be on the list of Backwards compatable games for the 360 I wondered if any of the original crew from 2011-12 will be picking this up again? It would be nice to get some co-op going again. This is for old members who've completed the game at least once. I'm not looking to hold a new players hand through getting achievements.
  2. No need for 10 when you only need one: Black Knight Sword +5...of course, I could copy and paste that for you 9 more times.
  3. Wow, I just played through this content last week for the first time. I was smart enough to stick with vanilla Destiny until the The Taken King came out, and I have to say this is absolutely the worst piece of shit DLC, if you even dare call it that, that I have ever played. The Raid was ok, but overall as a package...Bungie fucking bent you guys over big time earlier this year. No wonder this game is virtually empty at almost any time of the day despite new content. Hey Bungie, SEE BETHESDA FOR HOW TO MAKE PROPER DLC!!! Wow!
  4. My reaction: I think in the end, like I stated on the other thraed, I'm just not gelling with the new "content" if you want to call it that. Sure there's some cut scenes notw along with a funny moment or two, but the script, "story" etc. It's just more of the lame. There are still grinding issues now but it's just been moved to the Dreadnought, which I find boring as fuck. I mean, seriously. Saturn has some killer fucking moons that we could have visited and gamed on...even if only one. And why not more on Phobos??? There's still the lingering element of tracking through alredy developed areas under the banner of a "New quest line" I think I've figured out Bungie's 10 year plan. The game was already completed as of last September. Now it's just a matter of coming up with new and creative ways of spoon feeding content over the next 10 years. Like I said, I'm going to give it a little more time to grow on me, but more than likely when Fallout 4 drops, my year long exercize in patience with Bungie will come to a abrupt hault.
  5. I have to say that overall I simply find this new content to be boring as fuck. Yeah, they added cut scenes, yeah they drop engrams at a higher rate (most of the shit is useless and just gets broken down). Oryx is nothing more than a Balrog Lite minus the cool flames and killer whip, the game is still a fucking grind they just learned how to mask it a little better so those lower on the evolutionary chain actually think it's an improvement. Bungie's idea if difficulty is to have enemies camp in cover and then make you chase them around shit until you can finally, and hopefully, put a bullet in their head before putting one in yours. I wish someone from that fucking company would play Dark Souls and learn how to create a challenge while making it fun, as well. I'm going to give it until Fallout 4 to grow on me and if it doesn't I'm going to do what millions of other smart gamer's have done, and what I should have done a year ago and sever ties and move on to the backlog of other games I have...not to mention what's coming down the pipe. I guess I just finally need a little more than to just shoot stuff.
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