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  1. Thanks. The 100% guide is misleading because it suggest you have to kill 20 of the names where as the stat requires you to kill a bounty in each of the 20 locations.
  2. I'm not finding this in the stats menu anywhere.
  3. Don't you mean New Austin, The North and Mexico? Is there any way to track where I have caught the bounties?
  4. Can anyone explain what this means because in 100% completion guide it clearly shows more than 20 possible named bounties. Do I just need to capture or kill 20 of them?
  5. I have got some major connection issues with the game at the moment. Plus getting some major glitches in some of the coop missions.
  6. Advanced missions are very tough to complete never mind getting a gold medal. Gold Medal is all about score so you need to get a good kill chain which is very hard with expert targeting mode and enemies that 2 shot you.
  7. I am now Jack, do I just continue as Jack to 100% the game?
  8. Hi guys, I received the offer from Xbox for being a massive Halo 2 player of getting the beta because they were shutting off the Halo 2 servers but I have yet to get my code! Anyone else in the same situation?
  9. Go check the DLC thread, someone read the game file for PC and found the new achievements already coded into the game. Level 50 is one of them. I start to steadily rank up now without the level cap increase, will I still get the level 50 achievement when it is released?
  10. So if I continue to play without having the DLC and get like 150k ADAM and then buy the DLC, will it update my rank?
  11. Anyone want to boost tonight? GT: Tattieee
  12. Im on now if there is a boosting party going or if anyone is setting one up. GT: Tattieee
  13. Anyone up for some boosting now. Hit me up on Tattieee
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