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  1. Trying today again, same error that no photo/tuning/design was upload to storefront. Try it later. It seems any online achievement related to storefront are now impossible to do. Update 2 - It seems auction house is still working If someone could buy my 2004 Vauxhall VX220 Turbo (1000 KR) for achievement, I would be glad. My GamerTag is same as username here. Also if I could join to sommeone club, it would be great
  2. Need someone to create Club for me and accept me to it. And upload some of my car into it BlackRaptorCZ
  3. Can´t seems unlock Lapper or can´t send any stuffs into storefront. Are servers definitely down? Or it is just only me? Update - I just check storefront and there is tuning, which was upload by 18.09.2017, so it is probably something wrong on my side
  4. Need One Tree Hill achievements, can send my own decorations for your XboxTag:BlackRaptorCZ
  5. Servers still online? I tried to create club and I get error that Server isn´t available this time (or similar). Also have problem with uploading movie to Forzamotorsport.net. It is just me? Update - Uploading movie was succesful, after some tries, so servers are probably still online, but creating of club giving me still error
  6. Need all online achievements,want do it before server closure Have also uploaded clip, so if you could help me to get it to Top 20 to get that achievement for it, it would be also great. Xbox Gamertag:BlackRaptorCZ Edit - I am quite full now, will probably help people who contact me until now, but for this moment I will be stopping accept request for boosting until I am done with others. With expection of Most Wanted achievement. Sorry all.
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