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  1. BUNKER BUSTER - Destroy a sandbag with a bazooka team 10 - G
  2. For any1 who has it, send invite to cSELECT1 Include a text/voice message for what game you are contacting me for.
  3. Sup, Well i was one of the people who didn't get the achievement for passing the story on realistic. I just unlocked it after trying for over 4 times. I'm thinking my mistake was playing the story,stopped mid way then joined some1 else's room coop a few stages ahead. (specuation only) There is no EXACT method on unlocking it/preventing it from getting "glitched" as i have talked to a few people who it has happened to and they all have different stories on what happened supposedly. All you can wish for playing coop or not is that you don't end up with the short end of the stick. Cant believe how glitchy these achievements have been. They sometimes don't unlock when supposed to. (It took me an extra 20 or so kills to get the 150 shotty kills achiev). This is really retarded how UBICRAP didn't do much Beta R&D on this game, they slapped a RSV name on it and just shoved it out to the masses knowing we'll buy anyways. Knight is the NON HOST player. He's the guy who cant give orders to the "Worthless AI". (is it only me or does any1 else think they AI partners are IDIOTS who get u killed more than they help)
  4. Oh sorry thought i put that in, yes, you get XP for passing stages. Depends on what difficulty you play on. All the xp points you get goes towards your rank. The A.C.E.S points come from the way the you killed your enemy, they go towards go towards leveling up Assault,CQB or Marksman. Levels 1-20 Winning an online MP match gives you XP points as well
  5. R6V2 Breakdown: Online MP game play not mentioned but still has same concept behind it from whats being mentioned below but different scoring method. Ex: Headshots = 10xp on T-HUNT & MP (Realistic). Ok, this game has a "quota" system just like COD4 had to unlock certain weapons and to get XP points boosts. The main category where these "quotas" are in is called A.C.E.S. It consists of 4 tab categories. OVERVIEW, MARKSMAN, CQB & ASSAULT OVERVIEW shows the level status, when your next reward will be unlocked and what the reward is. Ex: Marksman Level10 521/525 Next reward +2000 xp The same goes for CQB (Close Quaters Combat) and Assault. Now each one of those tabs have sub categories showing what is required of you to gain points and raise that category's level up. Ex: Earn MARKSMAN Points by: -Kill At Long Range +3 -Kill an Opponent using a rope (Rappelling) +3 -Headshots +1 -Kill A Sprinter +2 -Kill while using A Rope (rappelling) +2 Earn CQB Points by: -Kill Using Blind Fire +3 -Kill A Visually Impaired Opponent +3 -Kill An Opponent From Behind +3 -Kill At Short Range +3 Earn ASSAULT Points By: -Kill Through Cover +3 -Kill using c4 +3 -Kill A Turret-Gunner +2 -Kill using Explosives +2 -Kill A Shielded Opponent +2 Note: Points shown above are rewarded playing on realistic difficulty. Casual difficulty points rewards are all ONLY +1 All These points go towards your level and rank. Any points you earn anywhere doing anything will be counted towards your XP and boost rank unlocking weapons,gear, or more XP points. Getting Elite this time around will be much easier than R6V1.To unlock most of the simple stuff and get rid of most of the simple achievements, u should play on normal and keep repeating certain parts where enemies keep popping out. Any points/xp you earn will stick and you can never lose them. Say you get 10 kills/headshot then die, You will still have the kills/headshots but continue from last check point. Recycle Killing can get you fast results for leveling up your categories. But make sure to leave your squad behind (down dpad) because they can come into the mix and steal your kills then you will only get xp but not any A.C.E.S points. They are only awarded to your kills. Now knowing this info, you should come to the conclusion that killing efficiently will reward you more than just killing regularly. What i mean is, if you're going to kill an enemy, make it a HEAD SHOT or a DISTANCE KILL or CQB kill, so that it counts towards the A.C.E.S categories and XP at same time. 1 kill - 2 rewards. For those who played T-HUNTS and Presido or Kill House on R6V1, the same tricks to get all enemies to come to your exact location can be used again since they are exactly the same maps, nothing different. I already finished the story mode (still need to do realistic,did on normal) and only have 2 more maps in T-HUNT realistic. Personally im kinda disapointed, feels like an expansion pack more than a standalone game. Well sorry i cant explain further in detail other things but if you played R6V1,then you will have no problems at all.Im nodding out ttrying to finish this, so im off to sleep. Good luck!
  6. Well no patch as of yet, maybe tomorrow when the rest of the people get their game. Been playing on and off and have yet to see update for the game. Well, glad its over with and no more explaining or re-explaining has to be done, whew! Im about to fall out but i might type up a "quick tips" for playing. something small and simple explaining things so others can go in the game having knowledge of whats what.
  7. 1st off @ twotonkoala, Do u have it? no,right? I was half alseep typing to help out, so if there were any typos, SO F'N WHAT! Im sorry, but all u did was repeat stuff i mentioned and stuff being asked about this and passed it off like your own thoughts and questions (sigh). Guess he's unloved and just wants to post stuff just so he can see himself in a thread. I think u need to stop "speculating" and get a little bit of a fact foundation to discredit some1 who is trying to help people figure this out. I KNOW that it didnt affect 2 people that i know have the game because they never got the elite on SP ,they only played the MP and maybe a few stages on SP. This has happened to EVERY1, its not just some freak occurance. Ok, to the CANT deleting part U SAID:confused:, You CAN delete the SP game saves from the memory tab and the find the game ,then delete. Next, You cannot delete ur online MP rank as it is stored in the game's server (Once gain going back to reading noy skimming through prior posts) Dude, to me, u just ended u looking stupid just critizing some1's post w/o even having the game, let alone seeing it. (No,trailers dont count:p) Great point @ PATCHES, u never know, might just pick it up from the achievement list even if u delete the save from hdd. Good call Gotta find sum1 who has R6V2 but fits the criteria to try it. Please ,next time actually read the posts left by other (pages 1-3) so u can have some sort of understanding of whats happening and not jump in a conversation with your ass doing half the typing and the less used part of your brain doing the rest. I found some other weird bugs/glitches like covering behind turrent boxes stacked next to a wall (u go into the box and can hide there). Sorry to say it to all the RSV fans, but this game seems like it was rushed out. Remember kids, reading & understanding what u read is fundamental and knowing is half the battle........ G.I. JOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I spoke to ubicrap and they said they are aware of it and are working at a fix to rectify. Man, reading "his" post again is making me laugh at how little he knows but how much he posted upon it. LMFAO!!!!!!! If any questions still lingering just contact cru muggah and she's answer the rest. im not gonna be opn the pc today, she can get a hold of me.
  8. Since people cant read a post i made earlier explaining the main points,guess i have to break it down again. This has NOTHING to do with the ranks evry1 got on the multiplayer, as the bonus is given to you from the save that is in your hdd, so like i said above (if the unknowing would have bothered to read it,excluding my Homie) is that if you beat the game on elite , you will be given the 2500 bonus. Like mentioned earlier, i dont have the elite ranking online, i was very far, like 5 ranks away, but beat SP on elite setting. When i played RSV2 i was NOT online, i repeat , NOT ONLINE. Hense making it IMPOSSIBLE for any online stats to be retrieved since stats are recorded and stored on the servers u play on. (ex: to see any MP stats u must be logged online) If you do not want to skip getting 10 points, ERASE the RSV1 save data from your hdd.If ur no longer going to play it, whats the use for having the save? Now for those who are cringing at the thought, well u can erase and make sure dont log online, lolz(which really makes no sense as i said i wasnt logged online but w/e makes u feel better) and start the game offline then save. For those who think its online related, guess you'll never be able to log online then for the fear of the 2500xp.. UBISOFT is aware of this and hopefully will write a code allowing every1 who has a rank higher for the achievement to automatically unlock.Check out their website for more deatils BTW: Just noticed i didnt teased u today since i was busy, I'll make up for that tomorrowz.. u know who u r. teehee
  9. Fixed? keep dreaming, they didnt fix the glitched achievement for rsv1, u think they are gonna do it on rsv2 and its just about to be released in the US? Its the same thing like i told Mugahh about, just like in rsv1 for those who glitched to the elite rank or any other rank that has an achievement for it, they didnt get the achievement for elite,etc. UBISOFT used using the same coding ,same game just different wrapping and looks. Im not impressed by it at all. Though the unlockables ala COD4 is not a bad touch. (ex:meeting quotas on kills w/X weapon,heashots,etc.) For those who really want the achievement ,just erased the rsv1 save from your hdd.Granted u miss out on thew rank boost of 2500xp (equivalent to killing 2500 enemies, or killing 1500 or so enemies and passing the first 3 stages w/ quota bonus' included). BUT! truthfully there's no need to get the 2500xp, u can get that within the hour. This game does not take away any rank that u gain. so you can play the 1st area over and over and keep accumulating rank (recycle killing kinda been what i been doing for a bit to unlock stuff). A person can gain the rank of elite very quickly now, as everything you play counts towards your rank. Every SP kill is 1xp and the method you kill them can add more towards quota bonus' (weapons or more xp). For those who will play this everyday from release date, you can achieve elite rank much much faster than rsv1. Well im off to play sum more. BTW: It was leaked out in the UK and was sold on eeeebaaaay but seems like either they sold out or they got into trouble. Sorry alot to explain......lololol
  10. Well i put it in and didnt get an achievement though. Might be if you beat the RSV1 story mode on elite. I never made elite online but it says "you're an elite" and yadda yadda ,get weapons and points plus rank boost - 2500 exp. EDIT: Well it official, they fixed nothing,you wont unlock the achievement. I have 2500 xp went up to specialist but no achievement. what a stupid thing to do! its kinda like the people who glitched straight to elite on RSV1 but didnt get the achievement for ELITE. We get reprimanded from getting that achievement for playing the 1st game and being good at it.
  11. Need light/middle/heavywieght and the others online, send me a message. GT = cSELECT1
  12. <---- Click on Gamer Card and send message or FR w/time,place,etc for boost session. So many games not enuff time. <--- Look! Its my gamer card! WOW, Lets see what happens when you click on it.......llooll
  13. Good job on this guide and the achievement guide. Nice job for updating quick too. Not bad at all for your 1st guide(s). Maybe a bit of more detail on th "unfounded" skulls people arew having trouble on, i have yet to get working on this game, just gave it a play and its not bad.
  14. Nah it has to be in general, like all games together. Odds arent high for you to find some1 with the heavy artillary set up, so if there is only 1 heavy gunner ,then the 20 headshots is alomst near to impossible to get off. I was informed of this achievement by PATCHES4711, but havent had time ot get the last of the headshots, got only 8 legit in a span of 7 games. No way w/o boosting is this possible in 1 game.
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