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  1. Odds are you are playing in a different mode than the way you are playing now...i.e you earned thay trophy in local mode and now you're on public/private. There are 2 trophy cases basically. I've earned both for the first DLC in local mode so that's where those trophies are. I've completed the others in public/private so those trophies are in that case. Hope thag helps.
  2. Great Guide man, sadly I give this game a 5/10 and I had such high hopes for it too
  3. I seen this game on the marketplace and all I could think of was Shaq-Fu...HORRIBLE!
  4. It's crashing for a lot of users, seems as though there are a few triggers to the crash. - Unlocking the 5 hour play achievement - Getting 3 Stars in the first "world" and the achievement doesn't unlock I had BOTH happen to me nearly simultaneously, and now I can't open the game. Very annoying, considering I was able to do the 3 stars by memory from the iPhone and Android Versions and Windows 7 phone versions that I've played.
  5. Still need the final one as well, message me to play whenever, I can hop on if I'm not at work.
  6. For me, the MP is just garbage. Wolfpack is a joke, how on earth they put this out this way is beyond me. I get having to hunt and stealthly kill your targets, but for crying out loud the maps are so big and your only clue is if they see you or if you can faintly hear their "heartbeat." The game mode should have given you a hud with at the very least an ability to see the general area of your target. I get that if you have a group of 4 you can fan out, but for the life of me, even then I rarely find any targets, and if I do someone else comes in and kills them. Poorly thought through in my view, makes the game boring.
  7. Hit me up, I need all DLC and most original MP Achievements. I'll be on all night from now til midnight, so about 5.5 hours of AC3. If I'm not on MP, doesn't matter just message me and I'll hop on. Just an FYI, I'm pretty horrible at the MP in this game, so I really need the help boosting. I got lucky on the wolfpack I was in a group with some seriously good players, I think I had 4 kills in all rounds.
  8. Add me tyger7 to boost alphajax

  9. Send me a FR, and we can boost our way up. Resigning gives the winner points if I'm not mistaken. I just started this today.
  10. Rocket


    Just an FYI for all out there, game was free yesterday and still is today on Windows Phone 8.
  11. I need to finish off my wins, I can help with whatever else I can.
  12. If anyone is putting something together, please message me. I want to clean this one up and get it finished after so long. Rocket
  13. Okay so an update here for my progress with 'There is no Cake.' I literally went through on a new save and did EVERYTHING in story mode, challenges, multiverse madness, and then finally multiplayer. The very last thing I had to do was taunt with Quagmire, but still nothing. I was a bit frustrated at that point, but whatever. I accidentally hit 'Next Map' instead of Main Menu. I said to hell with it, played the map (still as Quagmire) and I had the second controller as Meg (kept player two as Meg throughout), shot Meg from up close and taunted once again, and the achievement unlocked. Now, the only thing that was different about this taunt from the others was that I got the in game points for a taunt over a downed opponent. This may be how this particular one has to be achieved for the game to count it.
  14. Did that, just finished final level. Oddly enough, it was the only level that listed all Secondary Objectives finished before I started it. But the achievement still hasn't popped. Sad thing is, I like the game. It is fun, despite the off graphics, I enjoy it.
  15. That's the only achievement I have left. All others are unlocked...
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