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  1. Thanks Necrophage33, that is what I ended up having to do. Finished all the story missions and then it let me reset the outpost even though it said 14 of 15. Once I reset it, I just had to take over one outpost and then it unlocked for me.
  2. My outpost counter is stuck at 14 of 15 even though I've unlocked them all and can fast travel to all 15. Made sure I didn't miss any and went down a list of all forts and fast traveled to each one. Is this a known issue or anyway I can get game to recognize I have them all?
  3. @MrPapaya I was stuck at 94% on Truth too and just found what I missed in chapter 5. Not sure if you found in area of pier with boats there's a side way to go and you come across what looks like a swing set left to be uncovered.
  4. I was unable to unlock it after posting this. Not sure what I did different, as when I got it the screen wasn't nearly as full as usual with enemies.
  5. I'm having a heck of a time having this unlock. I've done the suggestion of maxing out the emp skill and then let the screen fill with many enemies. I then get hit and see the emp go off and hit them which I'm assuming is way more than 10 enemies. Any other ideas or maybe I'm doing something wrong? It's my last achievement other than the glitched Drone Bullet Kills one.
  6. My achievement finally came through as well having earned it on 7/31/14 and it appearing on 8/7/14 while playing a different game.
  7. Looks like I'm not alone in having earned an achievement without it unlocking. I've finished everything for the Human Traffic Investigation more than 4 days ago and achievement shows 100% but never unlocked along with the achievement for finishing all investigations. Unfortunately these are my last achievements along with the drinking game, so don't want to keep playing this game in just hopes of it popping eventually. Have tried all the fixes as mentioned previously without success. If anyone figures something out, please post any help. Thanks everybody.
  8. I've been looking to do this as well. After having my game progress be deleted twice, I think these will be the last achievements I go for. Message me and friend me and I'll be happy to do this.
  9. Finished the game and unfortunately these achievements in title didn't unlock for me. During the end of memory 12 you are pulled out to present day and I think thats how I missed it. During the sequence you are supposed to continue with the mission, but I logged into the animus by mistake I think bypassing it and now I can't find a way to repeat it. Tried replaying mission 12, but that doesn't work either as it just ends before going to present day stuff. Am I left without recourse for this? Any help appreciated. Update: Appears achievements finally unlocked for me later on that day. Not sure if it was a game issue or Xbox One issue, but either way I'm very happy to have that resolved.
  10. I've tried reinstalling the game and replaying the first trial challenge, but have still yet to unlock it. Did finish the second trial world and that one did unlock.
  11. I didn't get the complete trial activity to unlock even though I did all 10 in the Peggle Institute. When I go to achievements it even states 0% towards this particular achievement. Does this go in increments toward 100% like the other ones for example if I finished 1 of 10 trials would it show 10% towards unlocking? Tried hard rebooting system to no effect.
  12. Thanks Maka, got it using this method without too much fuss.
  13. Thanks so much! Gave this a try and got both achievements.
  14. I've played many 2k versions throughout the years and can't remember having this many problems getting achievements to unlock. Specifically having problems with Hold the Fat Lady and Buzzer Beater. I've tried this at minimum five times with various settings. Have tried default with 2 controllers, default vs cpu, with sliders adjusted and without and still won't unlock. Is there a certain criteria I should be looking for? The gamemode is in the NBA Today and have tried with different teams each time. Pretty frustrating.
  15. Thanks for this guide, worked out awesome. Love when the achievement opportunities are along with the collectibles. Thanks again!
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