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  1. I know it’s a very old thread but I been after a copy of this and wall e I’m Australia so if anyone has a price message me
  2. Thanks guys yeah it’s really disappointing too see how ms handled this I pulled 3am nights some I got burnt out managed 1am last 2 days I didn’t sleep at all just to pull in more score so to see it just handled so badly I feel bad for everyone who tried as hard really a kick in the guts from xbox but in unrelated news you can now craft flaming and omen skins on gears 4 I just crafted last 2 flaming skins I needed to relaunch game before it popped omen skins are located in locust side 600 scrap a craft tho so at least something good today
  3. Really disappointed in Xbox I won 170k+ during the the time frame in au but the 80k guy wins seriously lost faith in Xbox after this I have 500k so winning that much now that is effort trust me
  4. What Remains of Edith Finch Review makes it look like my kind of game GT Sudden Fall
  5. I set up a boosting session for this game if anyone wants to join, I'm lvl 45 so only need 5 more lvls will be stun boosting
  6. I Did everything in the game but didn't get the achievement for it due to a glitch I couldn't finish all the challenges for the baddies you need to kill stop spawning when you finish the game, I Haven't been bored enough to replay and do everything to get it haha
  7. Yeah I have a couple of ntsc games and only region free non-locked ones work for example, Hellboy ntsc worked for me, but Burger king pocket bike won't haha Worst part is sometimes in your rush to buy games you don't realise there ntsc at the store till you get home
  8. I Didn't play it for the Gamerscore I actually Enjoyed lost terrible ending though, so thought I'd give the game a go actually pretty good they could improve so much on a second haha but scored the 1000 Gamerscore as a bonus
  9. I Noticed this as well, It's also just sometimes the xbox Logo oddly enough I also noticed one of the Icons that display when you look at your Gamerscore was different to how it use to be, so I think it's maybe because of Microsoft updates
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