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  1. If this is before the 1000G update than they have. However if this is after than I doubt they will go over 1000. Not to mention most of the achievements correspond to PC achievements.
  2. Charge towards the ship ram it, fire a broadside, than hold the year button and finish her up.
  3. Find some shops that sell jewelry, buy everything they have, sleep for a couple days, than check in again. Brightwood is a good place.
  4. The imperials seem much more organized. That and I killed their emperor so I felt like I owed them.
  5. After you complete the story line (brain mission), go to the boat you came on, talk to Nadine and sleep in a cot. You might want to go to the engine room first.
  6. Another alternative is to buy the game of the year version and install both discs. The game of the year version now costs less than 20 dollars so this may be more bang for your buck.
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