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  1. Also 'The Hunt Is My Mistress' and 'Lord Of The Ring' need to be done, as they access leaderboards before the achievements unlock. Think I saw it on a post on TA, but forget now. They are the DLC achievements that require you to finish objectives within 40 minutes or an hour (I think, and I forget which way round). I'm just finishing off the story for XP, then I'll be moving on to them both
  2. I am done with this game now, but thought I'd update with a few stats. So first, most of my achevements were done within about 25 hours, with level 50 coming shortly after. I've put another 50 hours this month for the remaining few achievements. Apart from saving the death achievement for last, the final achievement was for 7500 drops, which came long after (probably 15 hours) getting my 7-Piece achievement. In those last hours, I probably received at least 10 other armour pieces, some duplicates and some for other builds. I would suggest just going for the drops yourself with maxed out loot chance % using the spider farming posted everywhere (copied below, with credit to the original poster (I forget who this is)). I got my first drop when I was level 50 from a single-player co-op run of the first level from the boss, but everything else except the weapon came from this spider. In the Aesir hub, go to a map a press 'x' to go to the level select menu. Go to the last area for level 1 and beat the boss. Press 'Start' once the boss is defeated (you can pick up the items) before the level completes and loads you back to the hub. On the start menu, manually select to go to Aesir. Go back to level select and choose 3-4 (forget the name), You'll start at the bottom of an area with two slope/staircase and enemies will attack you immediately. Continue through the level until you get to a room with a troll, a spider, a troll, then a well. Once you defeat the last enemy, make sure you open the door carefully, but don't go through. Use a weapon that can lock on to the spider inside the next room (I used a laser rifle) and let her have it. Once the spider is dead, head over toward the well (you should only need to go as far as the corner of the path) and then turn back to the door to rinse and repeat. Takes about 20 minutes to set this up, but each spider and reset only takes about 40 seconds then. Good luck to anyone out there still willing to max this game out
  3. Fantastic guide, thank you. I do have one minor suggestion, though; I think it would be better if it was noted for the Auction House section of playthrough two, the 'Let Her, Let Her, Prevent' section should specify that the 'Prevent' refers to when you get to the lift, as I started again when the auction finished, thinking I'd missed the third opportunity with May-Ling, because the alternate option for 'Let Her' for both instances is 'Prevent' so it was a minor confusion on my part.
  4. I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I need a partner to boost the online achievements with if anybody is still out there? No real worries, as soon I will have my second 360 live and can whack this out then by myself. I'll update this once that happens, though
  5. Game - Assassin's Creed: Origins Gamertag - Idiot Syncrasy
  6. Yay, I did it So to help the less fortunate that also found watching somebody else wasn't really helping: 1. Try not to die - I know it's obvious, but this is your top priority, above trying to get the best colour thingy or getting the final hit on one of the tougher enemies. Basically, if you are waiting for a certain colour bonus item, let it pass you if it doesn't put you in harms way and get it on the next time around (to be honest, you're better off not caring about the colour, see 4). Do not try hitting an enemy unless you know you'll get away with it. 2. Unless it is round two, do not use your boost shot on the early 3-hit guys (the brown-red ones). I only used it on the big pink-purple guys, the homing shy-guys and the advanced, bigger enemies. Once you get near the end, spraying all over the place is probably inevitable (see 5). 3. I was quitting out if I got hit before level 5 and getting frustrated. I only played a maximum of three times before giving up for the day, and today I got it on my second run. I would advise a similar strategy, like the advise for Geometry Wars. A fresh play the following day or week when you're not flustered is a good idea. 4. Most of the late game is going to be spent at the top of the map, so remember this. The bonus items later on are only going to be much use to you if they are here, as trying to grab items in the lower half is likely to get you hit/killed. From the very beginning, try killing them in the top area (within 3 of your ships depth) and avoid them on subsequent passes. By not trying for a particular colour, you are still probably going to get a heart or two, maybe a bomb or two, and a kitten helpers or two. Waiting for the right one (if you remember which is what, as I forgot) is likely to get you shot, and if you go for the right colour at the bottom of the screen, it may well end up staying there unless you use it right away, which is probably overkill at the time. 5. When you notice enemies are spawning long before you've finished killing the current wave, that's the time to start using powerups; I'd suggest one at a time to see how you fare, but within the next wave or two you can use more. Hopefully you netted a heart or two, along with the kitten helpers and different shot directions. My game got me two of each, though I wasn't trying for them at the time. I used the hearts straight away (unless health is full, it'll make no difference), kittens and bombs separately, but different shot directions together. 6. Move in a single direction; I chose left to right as I was most comfortable with this. The only times I changed was when there were several shots coming from behind, or homing rockets, but only if ahead of me was safe, as an escape route is more important. If I changed direction, I normally used my boost shot to clear the area quickly (especially shy-guys), changed back and zoomed out of the way. In the end I didn't find it as challenging as Geometry Wars, but it still took patience, practice and curse words before I got this last achievement. To anybody reading this to help their decision to purchase, I say give it a go if you like shmups, or if it's on sale regardless. To those of you reading this in the hopes of it helping with the achievement, I hope it has and I wish you luck. About half of the achievements I managed in one day, and all but this came to me within the first month; trying for this on and off took four months. My playtime according to the Xbox stands at 20h19m with 37710 enemies killed. I would like to say I'm an above-average player, but these stats may give you a rough idea to how close you are to beating this one. Please post thoughts and/or constructive criticism below. And just a final word, though I doubt it necessary: if you wish to use this as part of an achievement/trophy/completion guide, please private message me on here or XBL and give credit to GT 'Idiot Syncrasy', as well as letting me know where it is going.
  7. GT: Idiot Syncrasy Game: Dishonored: Death of the Outsider
  8. I completed this a few weeks ago (only 4-Suit Spider and 5 games of Freecell left). All achievements popped when they should with no problems. I unlocked the freecell without undo achievement 30/01/2017. All achievements within three days excepting the final two, as mentioned.
  9. My vote based solely on the inability to undo a move on Spider 4-Suit. No achievements seem glitched, but the fact that you need a fair amount of skill at the same time as being pretty lucky sucks! One or the Other, NOT BOTH!!!
  10. Spider Solitaire 4-Suit without the ability to undo, like in other games, make this version of Solitaire a pain-in-the-ass!
  11. Looking for help with the coop mission achievements (coop and coop gold legendary, win skirmish with a friend). Willing to help with other achievements where necessary too. Send me a message if you're willing... GT: Idiot Syncrasy
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