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  1. Would love to know, as I paid for and have the right to the Alaskan Wilderness Pack, but since I didn't boot it up before the marketplace shutdown I never received the rights to the six free additional packs required for it as described here. Quite annoying I must say. But the above response from support is wrong - if you have the rights to any DLC/Game it is still available to download through the GFWL Marketplace Client, until they shutdown in 2014.
  2. Does anyone know if this game can be self-boosted (similar to Lost Planet, Shadowrun, Gears, etc.) on a single PC with multiple accounts? I know there is an issue with the key only being good for one install but I assume that can be worked around.
  3. Can't "Virtua Strike", "Cyber Troopers Virtual-On", and "Cyber Troopers Virtual-On OT" all be added to XBLA NTSC-J? I mean that's the list I'm really looking for is arcade games that are region exclusive because buying points and having another account is pretty easy.
  4. I was #2 behind zebrasqual until it came to this achievement. Within two days of release I had 100% in the easy section and 50% in the medium section for perfect accuracy. Gave up though so I've fallen behind. Its definitely doable with a mouse, but you are talking about playing the same level over and over sometimes for as long as an hour. And headshots are pretty easy, its just a matter of figuring out exactly where to aim and shoot where the bucks face is gonna be.
  5. There are two different serial numbers. The game activation serial, which you put in the first time when it dials up the publisher's servers and the live activation code for assigning it to your gamertag. If you bought through digital download, you can find the keys under the game in the GFWL client.
  6. The 60k points achievement is cumulative. Seems they got the triggers backwards to me.
  7. Endless mode is going to kill me. At least with most grinds you can set the phone down while the computer does its turn or something. With this, if I get 100,000 points every ten minutes (which may be a little our there) still looking at 16 hours + boost costs for completion. Seems the only way to make good enough progress is going to be to play a few super long games, because stopping anywhere short of 200,000 will cause you to lose over 50% buying new boosts.
  8. Not sure what you're on about. You can't install windows games on an android legitimately. Not to my knowledge at least.
  9. Issac: I recommend, when going for that last skull, to just load up the game on all devices at the same time and then complete them simultaneously. That worked great for the online achievements.
  10. Worked like a charm. Here's the solution I wrote for TA - feel free to add it to the X360A guide in some form - modified or otherwise. The key to getting this achievement is getting beneficial opponents' scores by restarting races. You will likely restart races hundreds of times in order to unlock this. If you have unlocked all the other base achievements, then there isn't much advice I can give you in order to win these races as far as gameplay is concerned other than don't be afraid to use your brakes. On max difficulty 75% of occassions the same AI will have the top time, with 20% going to the number two AI and the remainder being mixed. For those races you have difficulty meeting the target time for a victory I recommend trying to get the #2-#5 racers as the winner as it will often result in the #1 AI having a much lower score. Continue to restart the race at the beginning until you get a time that is beatable. Observed times for the 2nd and 3rd cups are posted below. Vehicle configuration: Cup 1 use the Lord S4 with only racing tires and suspension upgrades. Cup 2 use the Lord S4 with all upgrades except camshaft. Cup 3 use the Spritzer Turbo with all upgrades Times (Did not collect data for Cup 1, but will post in solution if someone wants to provide in the comments) I don't guarantee that you won't find AI times, but these were the highest I saw and you're unlikely to find higher without dozens of restarts. Gymkhana Pro Track Highest Opponent Time Seen Personal Best Time Dock Edge 1.05.63 1.04.08 Fast'n Slow 1.23.07 1.21.25 Runway Buster 0.58.72 0.57.04 Hick E Tricky 0.50.99 0.46.62 Gymkhana Champ Docks Hazard 0.48.61 0.47.71 Flat Out 1.00.83 1.00.54 Slippery Slalom 0.38.50 0.36.48 Hick E Wicked 0.57.62 0.56.44 Avinosis 1.16.43 1.14.06 Criticism and contributions are welcome.
  11. Great advice. Once I stopped being an idiot and actually restarted for a HIGH time instead of a LOW time it only took one try. Still haven't attempted to 2nd two. How did you get on with them?
  12. The achievements won't sync other than the skull achievements. I have it on all three platforms. You must replay the final level of a zone to get the achievement.
  13. I won't ever even try Gemologist with my mouse unless a new solution/patch comes out. Just 100% wordament a couple days ago. On the PC with mouse on Arabic is a breeze and relaxing. Fruit Ninja is a pain with a mouse but still easily completed.
  14. Skulls of the Shogun is live on WP and able to buy on Win8. Sign-in issues as always though. Also I've only seen an XBLA achievement list but not separate list for Win8 & WP. Can anyone confirm that these are separate completions?
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