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    Former score whore. 28. Getting back into gaming after a loooooong break!
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    The North - winter is coming
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    gaming, shopping, reading, internet!
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  1. Hi Beki!


    Here's a quick look at February's Community Gaming events.


    Game of the Month: Hitman

    Game of the Week Feb 1-7: Resident Evil 7

    Game of the Week Feb 8-14: Multiplayer Mayhem

    Game of the Week Feb 15-21: For Honor/Sniper Elite 4

    Game of the Week Feb 22-28: Monkey Island


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  2. Hey Beki!


    I'd like to take a moment to show you what's available during this month's [Community Gaming]


    Game of the Month: Multiplayer Mayhem!

    Game of the Week Jan 2-8: Dead Rising Series

    Game of the Week Jan 9-15: If you were a game developer...

    Game of the Week Jan 16-22: Killer Instinct

    Game of the Week Jan 23-29: Rayman


    Participating in single player or multiplayer events puts you into the monthly draw to win a $50 Microsoft Gift Card :D

  3. Hi Beki! We've got some exciting changes to Community Gaming starting on December 1. We're giving members a chance to win a $50 US Microsoft Gift Voucher each month! I'll leave a link to the announcement thread for you to check out or post any questions in that you may have. I look forward to seeing your entries! ~Dirty :slick:


    [Changes to Community Gaming Thread]

  4. Haha Rapture. I think I posted in like 2014 but wasn't massively active. But I did update my profile, and again today as it said I was still 23 Oh I wish!
  5. My avatar pic has been the same one for ages - I think. But it has been that long since that I can't remember! And thanks I'm sure I will end up getting gold again at some point. Might treat myself for Christmas
  6. Missis Beki's back Man it's been time! My bio was last updated 5 years ago. Used to be on here way too much. Then I had another kid, got fed up of playing just for score and my xbox has sat pretty much untouched since. Well I say untouched, I have a 12 year old who is now a huge gamer. But untouched by me. I don't see too many faces I remember but thought I would pop up anyway Hoping to be online more and playing for the fun of it. Currently only on silver but maybe I'll upgrade and play online again - most of my friends don't come online any more so if you wanna add me, feel free.
  7. I know it's been a while, hows things going? I didn't recognise the name at first and was like who is this weirdo ;) Don't really get on here much same as gaming, stupid real life lol hope you and Zoe are good x

  8. Hey, Beki! I just noticed you recently popped by my profile and realised we haven't spoken in ages!

  9. Nope the only console my account has been on is that one, so wouldn't have been on anyone else's as a second player. My son's account was originally on the same xbox but we moved him to his own console ages ago and when he played Halo he only did that on my husbands xbox (hopefully that makes sense). But there should be no reason at all that is been used as a second player. I asked my son if he had been on my xbox recently or on Halo 4 and he hasn't, I know when he's lying lol.
  10. Nope never ever had halo 4 in my console. We do have the game but when I checked it was right at the back and hasn't been played for a while. Don't have auto sign in on. And it shows as the 15th Feb. If you can view the picture I added it shows the games it's saying were played. And don't worry about the questions any help is appreciated. Erm it's a slim possibility it could have been played however it's always been connected to the internet so no reason for it to be offline, no-one else has played it as my Husband and son both have their own console, and for toy story we don't have that game anymore as it was a rental ages ago (thinking maybe 2-3 years since)
  11. Yeah just signed in no problems, well it asked me to verify my password as I had changed it since last being online in July but didn't have to re download profile.
  12. Spoke to xbox chat, they checked and said my profile has only been used on one console so least I know it wasn't hacked, and to redownload my profile. The achievements earned offline would be wiped off, so I followed his instructions and lo and behold....still there He was confused and said it must be a glitch from the system update. :uzi:stupid thing! Is it only me that wants to punch that baby
  13. Hmm I just checked this morning and two more games are showing as being played. I don't even have toy story anymore! I checked with my son just in case he went on my xbox and he didn't touch it he was on is own upstairs and I know it's not possible for anyone else as like I say I was in the room for 12 hours straight working on the PC which is right next to the xbox! It's annoying me not knowing why it has happened There isn't even any other profiles on the xbox (besides guest) so totally confuddled.
  14. Haha thanks nice to see someone spotted it I couldn't resist! Nothing has been logged since I last played and those only showed up as being played on the 15th, if someone did have my details they waited a long time before doing it. My friend said that she noticed me "playing" halo around the time I was downloading the updates as I was chatting on facebook with her about being inpatient, but she didn't think anything of it at the time until I messaged her today. It's definitely a weird one. Changed all my details now though just to be safe!
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