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  1. Looking to do co-op achievement this weekend GT: Tunaleg
  2. I can't even find where to access the new chapters.. Edit: Nevermind, I'm an idiot, did the the update but didn't actually download the DLC. Since it's free I figured it would just be in the update
  3. Best Brack Friday Bunduru on XBL this year
  4. There hasn't been an update since June when they fixed the Afterbirth achievements. It's been running fine for me
  5. tunaleg

    Undo move?

    Is there a way to undo a single move instead of using B to restart the puzzle?
  6. Achievements are now patched! Go to stats > secrets to pop any you've already met the requirements for!!
  7. Looks like Afterbirth achievements may be patched soon!
  8. I'm guessing a patch will be needed before they'll work like in Rebirth. I should've unlocked three, but nothing..
  9. I know, PS4 also got new trophies, just seven but I figured they'd be on Xbox too. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty disappointed but the DLC itself is excellent so far.
  10. 2 more days.. the wait is killing me like Cartman waiting for Nintendo Wii..
  11. May 10, guys. $10.99 https://www.facebook.com/NicalisInc/
  12. Looks like this game is originally free-to-play. Anyone know if this version which costs $10 has micro transactions?
  13. Would like to boost private tables/tournamnents GT: Tunaleg
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