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  1. At the moment of my most horrible is "the Silo". The part of the house until you find a strategy often kills you and the mortars took a few hours and there is no way. There is always some mortar that I do not see that it kills me.
  2. I have looked at this guide to be able to help me on a mission, i sincerely valid date because I think it is easy. As if their steps always end up killing and I end up it was different. Can i help it if it is not followed strictly.
  3. A vital advice to pass this mission is to throw grenades smoke to get fast in the house and kill the plant. Then throw grenades to the upper floors and not be in a hurry. Try to get a ticket that is not the main one.
  4. The mortars is most difficult for me. Try to memorise a sequence, but I think they are random. Any suggestions
  5. The game insane in the solitary is almost impossible to kill RAAM. People play it in cooperative
  6. This part of the game has cost me a lot. I have spent a lot of hours having tried to break into the headquarters of the Germans. The trick is not to entertain much killing out and try to get in fast.
  7. I have been having this game on the shelf but I have never played it. They say it is fun. I am going to start playing it shortly.
  8. The best auto game I ever played at the moment. And so many options. The race is spectacular. I will start to take the achievements
  9. Tomorrow I will have my game and I will start it ended COD 2 once. I hope it is as good as the last one and i am entertaining a few hours.
  10. This is the second game I finished but still did not make the achievements. I will start it again to make the achievements. It is a regular game, it is not the best shooter but it is entertaining
  11. NiiNuu

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    This is the first game I finished but still did not make the achievements. I will start it again. It is a regular game, but it is funny
  12. One of the best game I ever played. I go for Act 2 and I am playing it in casual
  13. Thanks for the help, a good guide to find the COG
  14. To get the 1000 points it takes patience and enough time. It is a difficult game
  15. It is a great game, the best I have played at the moment
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