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  1. That's how I managed to do it too WORLDEATER, this should be more widely posted, stupid glitch. Be advised though you have to do this every time if you switch up weapons.
  2. My 5 gold stars disappeared too once I started the DLC. Have you encountered the glitch which doesn't let you select any oof the DLC weapons etc?
  3. I can't 100% remember but I think it was a woman called Flamel (missions are called Flamels Secrets) there is 3 missions or so you need to complete to get the gears to unlock the gate and get the chest.
  4. Is there a possibility that the glitch is begun by leaving the game in any fashion? I ask this because I was unlocking achievements perfectly fine, then went to the store to download the DLC that is up and from there on, nothing has been unlocking. Have only been playing the game for an hour or so in total.
  5. Thanks for posting this info, just started D4 today and read in the guide that the DLC packs help towards a few achievements. Much appreciated.
  6. Same thing has happened to me. I'm unable to select the sword to use as a weapon as well. Edit - appears it is happening to others, talk of it being down to having the revolutionary armaments pack installed or some of the other season pass DLC. I'm currently unable to select any DLC weapons and have no achievement for completing Suger's Legacy puzzles and unlocking the sword, even though I've got the 100% DK DLC achievement.
  7. Could be worth purchasing the Time Saver packs, if you haven't already, as they made a fair few more appear on my map. LIVE is being buggy again though man.
  8. Looking for players to hammer through the campaigns in any/all Halo games on legendary. UK based. GT - GTUKC, Thanks.
  9. Looking for players to race with and gather up the online achievements. UK based and finishing work today at 3.30pm until 5th January so plenty of time online! GTUKC.
  10. Being honest with you Jordan, I think I've been very lucky in that I've only had the most minimalistic of glitches occur to me. I got stuck on a ledge and got stuck after jumping in then off a bed - I simply fast travelled to another location and carried on.
  11. Excuse my French but A-f***ing - men!! This drives me barmy, the amount of times I've been sent to IE while trying to access the map is unreal. It kept hitting me when I was going for the chests and cockades and was setting my way point for them. Turned it all off in the end, couldn't handle it any longer.
  12. I'm in the same boat, I love driving and racing games but have heard bad things about The Crew, haven't played a proper shooter on the X1 yet so am swaying towards FC4 at the moment.
  13. Plus an update for people who downloaded the season pass: http://assassinscreed.ubi.com/en-US/community/liveupdates/live_updates_details.aspx?c=tcm:152-188535-16&ct=tcm:148-76770-32
  14. I've had this happen in Titanfall, Forza Horizon 2 and now AC:Unity so far, not sure what causes it but the buzzing is intensely loud before it dashboards me!
  15. Looking for players to complete the co-op achievements with, send me a FR or a message at GTUKC - thanks!
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