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  1. HELP! I'm on my 5th playthrough, going for the no deaths, unfortunately I'm on the LAST part of the Pyramid/Adventurer puzzle and keep dying. BUT I THINK IT'S A GLITCH. At the very end of the puzzle, you push the Sarcophagus right, and kill the Englishman, then the weight breaks through the ground and you fall with the sarcophagus... I die in this fall. I never died in ANY previous playthrough, and I looked on youtube for No Death runs, they don't die either. I can't figure it out!!! (it's so weird, I fall and land, as expected, don't die. As she's getting up, she dies!!) I've tried pushing it, pulling it. Die every time and have to force quit to xbox dashboard. I've come too far! I don't want to do a 6th run just for this 1 achv! Help! Suggestions? Here's a video clip as reference: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/GRAND%20NOBLE/video/29360303
  2. I've had similar problems, if you are near 2 items or holding an item and near something that "dispenses" items... Instead of clicking X to pick up the new item... click B to "switch" items... Worked for me every time I had this problem.
  3. Honestly I love this game. I'm about to start my 4th playthrough (of 5). Still loving it.
  4. Honestly, this game was REALLY confusing for me, at first. So I needed the walkthrough. But after using it for a COUPLE trials, you get a "feel" for the game. Then things start becoming more obvious, for me - and then no walkthrough needed for the rest.
  5. Most of the time, the description of achvs are written very well. For B.T. tho, every achv has this long description on how to get it. Which makes it seem misable. But I know that some are story related, but it doesn't say that. Can anyone clarify which achvs are story related, and which ones aren't?
  6. I have 990gp, I'm just missing this last ACHV and can't get a Tower Augmentation for Concussion?!!!! Every mission I play, I try to use A LOT of Concussion towers, hoping that will give me a Tower Augmentation for Concussion, but I've been grinding forevvvvvvvver. Anyone know a secret???
  7. lol. it LOOKS like an exclamation mark... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=678944364 But I think it's literally just the green waterfall and in the macro map, its just LOOKS like an exclamation mark , but it's not. I think it's similar to how humans can find 'faces' in toast. lol. or in a colon and parenthesis....
  8. I got 1000 gp in Limbo and personally loved the game, and the difficulty of the achievements. It took about 4 tries of the full game but I got that last ACHV. I'm a little dissapointed that there's not even a completed-game ACHV in Inside. You can beat the whole game and theoretically not get even 1 ACHV!!
  9. I cannot seem to catch ANYTHING a Warden throws at me. It goes in the air... I switch to Telekinesis... Warden throws... I push button to turn on power.... Car hits me and I go down. With a LOT of damage. I'm all maxed out, almost done with the game... can't seem to catch ANYTHING the Warden throws at me. Any help??
  10. Everyone is always complaining about the TRAVEL DISTANCE IN ALIEN AIRCRAFT. You do know if you get inside VOID aircraft, and press B it will change and go hella fast right?? I literally got this done in like 20 minutes. Everyone is talking about 5-6 hours... they MUST be flying in the normal mode.. Press B!!!!
  11. So all 14 achievements are from collectibles? I kind of hate that. Even though the 5 death playthrough achievement was FUCKING HARD in Limbo, it made me play and replay until I got it. I can't wait until the explanations for the achievements are in this site, I want to see if they really are all collectibles. ...
  12. This post is amazing! I figured you'd made the same thing for the rest of the Episodes 2-5, but I can't find any!! Such a bummer!
  13. I was missing: Bigby’s Mercy: Unlocked if you choose to walk away after your fight with Grendel in Chapter 6. Thanks so much!
  14. I actually don't mind re-playing the levels to get missing Fable Book Entries... The thing that bothers me is I don't know what option I did wrong/need to change to get the missing entries. And I'm missing 1 or 2 in all 5 episodes! So I literally have to replay the entire game, and TRY to remember which choices I made, and TRY to make different ones next time. I didn't play it all the way through in 1 or 2 sittings, so I really don't remember what choices I made at the beginning of the game.
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