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  1. Well it is 2020 now, not sure if anyone still cares about these games. I just picked up the HD disc to play in the usa on my JP box. I like cheeves and like to stack titles. I bought the HD version for the extra cheeves. I have had the other disc for over 6 years. I am in the process of buying ever shmup including all JP and Pal versions. I now own them all but muchi muchi pork sweets and the flamingo disc. Prices are sky high right now on this stuff especially with the covid virus and shipping costs.
  2. I wish there was a guide. I am starting this game and it is now 2020. I am getting into all JP games, shmups, even the spendy ones. Glad to hear that trick works on this game, pausing for hours to get more continues. We still need more info on this game and on how to unlock the cheeves. I will share if I learn anything of value.
  3. Very nice, thankyou. I wish some one could do one for how to kill the grimreaper. I beat the game on easy but on medium his health doent go down at all.
  4. Im down for boosting this game. Is the server still up for it? Hit me up, troyoy.
  5. Not sure what the level is called but your going after a guy in what looks like a rock quary. There is a bunch of shacks and little paths carved in the dirt and rocks that zigzag back and forth. Tons of enemies and about 8 or 10 caves that are all blocked with rocks. You get to the top and they tell you to follow this bad guy. The cave he goes into is blocked. I have killed everyone, played this level 10 time and cant figure it out. There are two generators in little shacks. I see no way to blow them up or turn them on. I cant find a walkthrough or a guide for sale. If I have ever needed help on a game this is it. Please help me if you can, thanks, Troy.
  6. Cool thanks. I thought you were supposed to fly through and pic those up. I flew through a number of times and didnt die but couldnt figure out what to shoot.
  7. After 6 copies I got one that works! And the game does blow chunks. I must have got 4 new copies from amazon that all said wrong region?
  8. I need all of the online cheevs too so I would like to find someone eles that needs them and wants to play. Also I play the crap out of these games just for fun, so hit me up if you love them too. I will help you boost any cheevs I can on any of the RB GH games, I own EVERY disc. I play either guitar on medium for now, I am looking to join a band or find someone that loves these games as much as I do. I am looking for anyone that wants to work on the band world tour cheevs also. Im on the west coast in the U.S. I am on every night and all weekend, yes I have no life. GT troyoy
  9. I play either guitar on med. I have every rock band disc, GH disc and tons of dlc. I play these all the time just 4 fun, I also like cheevs though. So if you wanna play any of the discs and you arent too awsome hit me up. I can play some super easy songs on hard and expert but not perfectly. I just keep practicing so hit me up if you cant get enough of these games too.
  10. I havent played portal forever but got the urge cause it such a cool game. I finally just beat the advanced level 15 and it acts like the game is over. How do you load an advanced level, like 16? I am playing on the orange box disc not the portal dlc. Thanks.
  11. Hit me up if you wanna play some GH or RB. I cant get enough of them and play them just for fun. I play either guitar but still arent that good. I wanna join a band but I play on medium for now.

  12. I have the same problem. My game only seems to save in quickplay when I level up. If I check the leaderboards for stars it shows I have only played about 9 hours and everyone else with about as many stars as me shows around 30 hours. I see a few other people that thier time is too short like mine so its happening to a few. I am more worried about my stats that arent saving then the gem cheev. I would like to fix it either way. I have played at least over 200 different songs or more and tons of the stats arent saving? Please help. I just remembered, I registered about 5 gh games on thier site months ago. It now shows I havent registered any games with them. I wonder if this has something to do with 90% of my stats not saving? I will have to register this one and re-register all the rest I guess. Thanks GH, its quite depressing. Why am I putting 100 of hours into playing your games only to have hardly any of my stats get saved.
  13. steve36ty, how are you only ranked 195? I am bouncing back and forth every night from about 55th- 90th position. Every night I come home from work I am knocked down to about 80th so I grind my way back up to about 60th and repeat the next night. I now have about 3300 stars. It still only shows about 2 people with 10,000 stars then no one even close to catching them. Oh I see, you are in 6th position. Nice, you the man
  14. I just beat this on easy with out doing the level 1 grind first cause I didnt know about it till after I started my game. I was wondering if my skills carry over cause Im gonna start on medium or hard and do some level 1 grinding to max this babe out. Thanks for the info man. I would hate to loose the skills I already have. Not a bad game either. I mean it isnt great but if you buy it for 5-10 dollars you cant complain.
  15. I have about 550 and last night 9-30-10 I was in about 1200th place. The guy in first place had 7000 something and no one eles was even close to him. Next guy had like 3000. Im gonna play all weekend and see if I can get up to about 3000 stars. I got 300 and something songs on mine so I will be busy for a while . I have every Gh and Rb disc there is and love to play them. Im not that good yet but if you love these games too and want a friend hit my up on xbox troyoy. I would like to find an online band to join. I play either guitar but just on medium for now.
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